Thursday, February 18, 2016

The cancer of Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers and "Officer" Sean Guard

Hatred in politics is the cancer I speak of.  But hatred along with lies and innuendo is the very worst kind.

Regular readers by now know that my state senator, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, best known for lying about her non-existent opposition to increasing the gas tax and tab fees (from her campaign web site:) in full-on payback mode against one of my state representatives, Liz Pike, who blew up Rivers' efforts (in which Rivers was sadly and ultimately successful) to screw us with a $1600 per-person gas tax and tab fee pop to bail out the numerous wastes of money in King County, such as the Big Dig Bertha debacle, by voting "no" on Rivers' gas tax/tab fee rip off.

Rep. Brandon Vick ALSO voted "no," as did every single Republican legislator in the 17 and 18th Districts, save for Rivers herself.  But Vick is somehow escaping Rivers' rather hypocritical wrath... because he's sworn fealty or something, and well, you can bet that Vick will never vote his district again if it crosses the power-hungry Senator from LaCenter.

I, of course, have been beating on the political hi-jinks of my former friend and business colleague for months.

Ever since she sold us out... unnecessarily... to dance to the tune of the special interests she now represents instead of us, I have been beating and beating on her politically... and I will continue to do so as long as she is in elective office.

Part of Rivers' pay back campaign has been to round up a lap dog who will share in Rivers' dishonor by reassuring us that it's perfectly OK to lie to get elected and then do whatever the hell you want, because, well, that's how business is done.

And to make that effort more palatable, Rivers and her leftist bud have developed a lie and started selling it among the rest of the CCRINOs concerning Pike: that she is no longer effective or respected.

Earlier, it was Jimmy Mains lying on Lew Waters Facebook page:

Tonight, Mains was joined by "Officer" Sean Guard, perhaps best known for pleading guilty to impersonating a police officer.

In response to the effort by the cancer on our community also known as the democratian, who demanded that Pike remove herself from any discussion concerning the CRC revival and, of course, their demand to get loot rail across the river like the infection it is, Liz wrote a letter that tells them, in effect, to drop dead.

She was far more civil about it than I would have been.

And that's where Guard felt compelled to shoot off his pie hole, with a remark that, well, is completely false; talks about things he knows nothing about... and all while sounding strangely reminiscent of part of the anti-Pike campaign:

This underhanded kind of scum is Officer Guard's specialty.

This session, of course, Pike HAS "moved legislation" which Rivers, no doubt, will do her best to kill in the Senate.

Both HB 2511 and HB 2417, for example, prime sponsored by Pike, have passed out of the House to the Senate.  Others may have, those are just off the top of my head.

Officer Guard then goes on to double down on his lies:
"Electeds" in this case likely means Rivers, who wants to punish Pike in the worst way.

But unlike this moron, I WAS staff in Olympia.  And any staffer shooting his or her mouth off to a punk like Guard or any OTHER outsider would find themselves subject to summarily being fired.  Just ask Rivers' very first legislative assistant who was fired for that very thing shortly after Rivers' first session in the House started.

Chances of Guard actually hearing that from a "staffer" (unnamed) or an "elected" (unnamed) are roughly the same as his ability to display integrity.


But then, that's how Rivers and the rest of the CCRINOs roll.

Now, Guard is acting based on what he's been fed... and is there any doubt that Rivers is the one holding the fork?

Here's a memo, Officer Guard: 

Before you swallow bullshit whole cloth, maybe it would be in your best interests to check for yourself if you're being told the truth.

And remember: when you lie... like you've lied here... it's going to cost you.

And why you think you have to shoot off your pie hole on this issue is anyone's guess.

And if anyone doesn't think this isn't a coordinated effort on the CCRINOs part, well, I've got a bridge to sell you that goes across the Columbia River.

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