Thursday, February 18, 2016

Rivers claims she had nothing to do with recruiting Bowman to take out Pike.

Look.  I was born on a Saturday... but not LAST Saturday.

The circumstantial case is overwhelming: Rivers despises Pike, blaming her for being hung out to dry on Rivers' own gas tax/tab fee betrayal vote.

But I have had this confirmed by others with direct knowledge: I stand by my assertion.

As a brief aside, I would be hammering on Rivers' lack of integrity no matter WHO else voted with her or against her: because none of them pledged to oppose gas tax and tab fee increases to get elected.  Only Rivers made that promise: only Rivers violated it.

So, I have a solution to this issue:

If Rivers is NOT involved in recruiting Bowman, who, through sheer coincidence mirrors Rivers' "screw the constituents, who cares what they want?" position on the gas tax, given how he also rammed a $20 tab fee down the throat of HIS constituents as mayor of Battle Ground without asking them like Rivers hammered us with the gas tax increase after pledging to do the exact opposite...

...then all Rivers has to do is endorse Pike and strongly condemn Bowman's effort to defeat a sitting incumbent Republican.

Write a big check to Pike's campaign like she did for the CCRINOs, a paltry $1300 here a few days back, and I will publicly apologize and engage in mea culpa.

The problem is that we all know that Rivers supports Bowman's candidacy and that Bowman would never have considered running on the gas tax platform without getting the OK from Rivers.

However, the ball is in her court.

Do yourselves a favor, though... and don't hold your breath.

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