Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How can you tell Jim Mains is lying? His lips move.

Or his keyboard clicks.

I was looking at Mains and another leftist defending the democratian editorial yesterday on a thread on Lew Waters' Facebook page that stupidly inferred the mere presence of Liz Pike was the biggest impediment to progress on addressing our cross river transportation issues, because, apparently, none of the decision makers give a damn about doing what's right for the people when they can point to someone and falsely claim that it's "all their fault" as the excuse for failing to DO THEIR JOBS.

The hit piece in question by the democratian is part of the coordinated campaign to get rid of conservatives from elective government.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across the meme that Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers is putting out there in her efforts to get her lapdog, Shane Bowman elected so she'll have another obedient mutt doing her bidding in the State House instead of an actual representative who votes her district.

Now, I never heard of Mains before the 2012 election.  I know that he's just one of the downtown mafia, one of the fringe-leftists that Boldt and Tracy Wilson depended on to keep a GOP candidate off the general election ballot.

HOW he came to my attention is pretty memorable: even back then, he and "Gas Tax" Rivers were fairly tight.  And when discussing me and my opposition to Boldt's reelection (since repeatedly justified, by the way) he assured Gas Tax that my opposition was based on Madore paying me.

That is, that I could be bought.  To oppose or support someone who is a family member... at least for now... based on me getting a check.

Here's the fact: I have never received a dime from Madore.

I oppose Boldt because he's a leftist tool.  Blow a little vanity up where the sun don't shine on him and he'll do whatever these people want him to do.

I oppose him because like most democrats, he doesn't give a damn what the people want.

Mains, apparently, had to come up with SOME reason why I would not want Boldt in office, so that lie became his shield to explain it.

That, of course, leads to the next lie he's putting out there, again, based on the Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers inspired meme which is as much a lie as her pledge to oppose gas tax and tab fee increases.

And yes, I know it's coming from Gas Tax because I've been hearing it for months.

Who's spouting this garbage?


Mains no more knows about the GOP than he knows about performing an abdominal resection.  He's a political hack from the old school, a believer in the Nazi principle that if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, it will somehow morph into the truth.

Like all leftist haters, he views Madore as a political liability... even though, for example, 18th District wide, he got by far the most votes of any Republican running in the primary.

If Rivers were to suddenly stop, Mains' entire head would simply disappear.

The fact is that he has no more of a clue about what's going on in the GOP than he can levitate.  But that doesn't stop him from running that sewer hole of a mouth to assassinate others... and particularly those advocating for rural land owners which you can certainly bet that Mains is not and never would do.

And that's what Rivers is reduced to: working with leftist political lowlifes like this clown to try and defeat a conservative incumbent who committed the cardinal sin of opposing her betrayal of this district with her fake promises to oppose increasing the gas tax or car tab fees... pledges used to get elected.

The thing is that if Mains makes this kind of statement about Pike or anyone else, you can bet it's another one of his tail-wagging-the-dog scenarios... and a lie.

Because lies are what he does.

I'm proof of it.

Pike's credibility on her worst day is a thousand times better than Mains, the lying little POG, on his best.

And she will be my only vote in the 18th District.


Philip Haggerty said...

Thanks for the truth, however raw it may be.

Just a guy said...

I, occasionally, regret allowing my sense of frustration to boil over.

This is one of those times.