Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Trump continues to crush it: The Establishment continues to freak.

For several months now, I have been positing that the key to Trump is for the Establishment to stop whining and to co-opt his positions.

The Establishment, being a bunch of sniveling old biddies, would rather lose with their dignity intact then win with someone they can't control.

The result?
Donald Trump has surged to new heights in the Republican primary race, building a 2-1 national lead over the rest of the field, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll out Wednesday.
I believe this sort of outcome was rather inevitable, given much of the competition.

Even a maverick type like Cruz has to carefully control what he says and how he says it; I get that. But as a US Senator, he doesn't have a lot of choices available in how he presents.

On the Dem side... I'm reminded of two people in inflatable suits running into and bouncing off of each other.

By the way, of the two Dems running, I'd also vote for Sanders over Clinton.  But that's because she's got a lot more American blood on her hands... not because of anything Sanders is troweling out, out there.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to destroy his opposition in ways unseen and unheard of before.  And those left in his wake have no idea how to engage him successfully or to steal any of his momentum.

The Establishment candidates are not campaigning to win.  They're campaigning out of fear.

Fear they'll say the wrong thing.  Fear they'll do the wrong thing.

They shred each other in an effort to kick each other off the island and then gather up the tattered remnants as the mathematical way to get higher numbers.

Will that work?

Would such a victory become known as "pyrrhic?" Would it leave so much political blood spattered on the floor as to be worthless?

Remember, right now, the "outsiders" exceed 60% of the vote in these polls.  Is it even doable?

Not likely.  Stay tuned!

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