Sunday, January 17, 2016

No blogging today: working at the food bank: have you volunteered?

Yes, Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio's most hated Ford F350 Diesel Dually will be hauling the Lewis River Mobile Food Bank trailer around today (4th year of being the substitute scrubbeenie...) to help out those who are among the people who need it most....

Which reminds me:  Are YOU volunteering?

I get that nobody reads this stuff, and many of those who do would much rather see me run-over by a wayward Stalin Tank tread...

But this post isn't about me.

Volunteer.  Don't soothe your conscience by writing a check.  If you write them, don't stop writing them... but YOU need to PERSONALLY get involved... PERSONALLY give of your time.

I'd LOVE to stay home and watch the Seahawks in Carolina today.  But that's what a DVR is for and these people come first.

Find something you love to do and an organization that does it.  Donate of your own time, effort and energy to make a difference.

Other people are simply more important than your quality time with the big screen, or whatever else YOU are going to be doing today.

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