Monday, January 18, 2016

Just when you thought our education plant couldn't be more insane: time to tear down Portland Community College.

Dr. King is, no doubt, spinning in his tomb.
Garbage like this is where we're wasting our money.

My "White Privilege" got me a welfare upbringing, 3 years or so of homelessness, and enlisting in the US Army the day after I turned 17.

This high school drop out fought his way through college and I busted my ass for everything I own.

The idea that I was "given" anything because of my inherited genetics is as insane as the sick people trying to change their race, or fringe-left nutburger Elizabeth Warren, lying about her non-existent "Native American" heritage to take advantage of moronic philosophies like the utter stupidly of this... this... perversion of reality.

Portland Community College to devote an entire month to 'whiteness'-shaming

Peter Fricke
Investigative Reporter
Peter Fricke
Investigative Reporter
 The school says the month is an "educational project" exploring how the "construct of whiteness" creates racial inequality.

Portland Community College has designated April "Whiteness History Month" (WHM), an "educational project" exploring how the "construct of whiteness" creates racial inequality.
"'Whiteness History Month: Context, Consequences, and Change' is a multidisciplinary, district-wide, educational project examining race and racism through an exploration of the construction of whiteness, its origins, and heritage," PCC states on its website. "Scheduled for the month of April 2016, the project seeks to inspire innovative and practical solutions to community issues and social problems that stem from racism."
Whiteness "does not simply refer to skin color[,] but [to] an ideology based on beliefs, values, behaviors, habits, and attitudes, which result in the unequal distribution of power and privilege based on skin color."   
The WHM site makes clear that the project is not a "celebratory endeavor" like heritage months, but is rather "an effort to change our campus climate" by "[challenging] the master narrative of race and racism through an exploration of the social construction of whiteness." ("Challenging the master narrative," PCC explains, "is a strategy within higher education that promotes multicultural education and equity.")
The initiative was conceived by a subcommittee of PCC’s Cascade Campus Diversity Council, which noticed that "evidence from hiring data, student-­led research, surveys, focus groups, college-wide emails, and other sources have illuminated the underlying reality of whiteness embedded in the overall college climate." In response, the subcommittee decided that "intentional action" was necessary across the district's four campuses to honor PCC's strategic plan, which calls on the college to "create a nationally renowned culture for diversity, equity, and inclusion."

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