Thursday, January 07, 2016

Ann Rivers town hall question.

So, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers along with her side-kick and wannabe senator Brandon Vick (aka "Lumpy") are holding 3 town hall meetings this Saturday.

I will be attending.

And at the end, I'm going to ask Sen. Rivers the following question:

"When you ran for this office, you pledged that you would not support a gas tax or tab fee increase... which you then did do.  You claimed that it was 'changing circumstances' that led to your decision.

That was utter nonsense, of course.  A pledge is a pledge under ALL circumstances.  Every conceivable circumstance.  And your excuses for voting that way fail to meet the straight face test when you had other options available, such as amending out the emergency clause out or voting "no" because there was no referendum clause included.  As a result, you hung a $500 million debt on Clark County for which we will receive absolutely nothing of measurable substance.

We get $200 million in projects, including an absolutely unneeded and unnecessary rebuild of one of the few well-designed freeway intersections in the Vancouver area at Mill Plain and I-5 that takes half of that amount, while your district gets next to nothing, comparatively speaking, in return for you... effectively, ignoring your promise to us.

I get that you made a deal with others up there in return for your yes vote.

But you made promises to us to even get elected... and those, I believe, should come first.

So now, the question remains: how are we to believe anything you tell us here?  Do we take everything your say with a grain of salt... a hidden, unmentioned, "changing circumstances" clause in every promise"

It will be fascinating to view this, I'm sure.

And, in fact, I will be sending this question up to her office and will be posting my response, presuming I get one.

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