Thursday, January 07, 2016

Trump continues to climb, Establishment RINO's continue to whine.

For months I've been warning the Establishment that their only hope was to co-opt Trump's ideas to a greater or lesser degree.

Their steadfast refusal to even consider it is the exact same kind of attitude that results in a low-life clown like Obama getting elected.

MILLIONS of people are increasingly drawn to Trump.  (And no, he isn't my guy.  No one is as yet.)

As the anti-Obama, Trump resonates because of his apparent incorruptibility, his fingers on the pulse of the American people, his expressed concerns over the things that Americans are more and more concerned about.

Establishment types, instead of focusing on the concerns of the voter, remain fixated on their agenda to the exclusion of anything else.

Much like, come to think of it, our newly minted county council majority, The Three Stooges.

Meanwhile, the numbers show a gradual, but apparently inexorable climb for Trump as the remainder "squabble for the scraps off Longshank's table."

Is Trump the real deal?

I have no idea.  But I also know that an increasing number of people are concluding that he is... and as a result, the establishment continues to remain bent on sinking into their well-earned obscurity.

As Obama proved, like him or hate him, the will of people fed up can move political mountains.

And it's highly entertaining watching the RINOs scramble.

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