Thursday, January 07, 2016

As expected, Rivers blew me off.

With her announced town hall meetings this Saturday.. at least one of which I will be attending, I thought I'd give my Senator an opportunity to address what is likely to be her number two issue, behind how badly she screws us in kowtowing to the State Supreme Court on the McCleary decision: her betrayal of the voters, this district and this county by lying to us to get elected... and voting for the biggest gas tax increase in this state's history without giving us a say.

I thought I'd do that by asking her the question I'll be raising at these town halls:

At it's essence it boils down to this:

You lied to us to get elected.  How and why should we believe you now?

Her response?

RE: Town hall question for Sen. Rivers 
Bodine, Tina []; on behalf of; Rivers, Sen. Ann []  
Dear Kelly, 
Thanks so much for reaching out to me- I look forward to seeing you at Town Hall!  

I'm sure she does.  Like the plague.

Don't you just love someone you voted for, supported in every imaginable way, ignoring your question because it's uncomfortable to answer?

But then, she sold out.  And anything can happen once you become a sell-out.

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