Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The clueless idiots and the CRC scam.

In mid December, someone of my acquaintance wrote this:
I've been in traffic for an hour and 10 minutes to get from Richfield to Delta park this morning oh my goodness do we need a new bridge or what
Texting while driving, eh?  Someone of your age should know better.  Must be group think, considering Boldt put lives at risk while he does it.

And, it's uh, actually "Ridgefield."

And then, this same ignorant twit wrote this:
Not only has David Madore taken this county back years in government issues he helped move us back 10 years in our transportation system. The money it costs companies and county residents in lost wages and time can never be replaced.
Firstly, when you have people who fail to pay attention to what's going on around them, and who have a rank bias against someone, they can display this variety of ignorance at the drop of a hat... at a moment's notice... when it fits their meme.

Had this person been possessed with the brains of a gnat, they would have known that even had the I-5 Bridge been replaced, according to the CRC's own study, their drive in that direction would have been less than 60 seconds shorter timewise... but also would have cost them $8 to start, with ever-increasing tolls after that..

Further, it wasn't Madore who killed the CRC rip off.  He merely paid for the professional accountant who came in and began to expose the corruption, the back room deals, the efforts to shut the people out of the equation by policy.  It was the efforts of Sen. Ann "Gas Tax - Bridge Killer" Rivers and Sen. Don Benton in the Senate who buried that crap pile.

Rivers, I'm given to understand, has put her contempt for one of the people of this family aside and is now over at this household for dinners and social functions.

And I have to wonder: since Rivers was, perhaps, the main player who killed this crap pile in the Washington State Senate (Sadly, only to rape us with her later gas tax betrayal,) will this same person ever confront her on this project?

Likely, no.  Because that seems to be the kind of rank hypocrite they are.

This is the kind of Christianity that sickens me.  As examples of hatred, it's difficult to find better.

As examples of hypocrisy, it's impossible to find better.

Secondly, if the costs were all that... then why are so many of these companies... and people... bleeding money all, to hear this twit tell it... actually moving here?  You'd think people would be moving away from here in droves, and we certainly wouldn't have 60,000 people commuting every day to the other side of the river... I mean, as horrific as the commute is, if this idiot is to be believed, they'd certainly move (back) to Oregon, wouldn't they?

I have not voted for David Madore.  But I believe him to be someone well-meaning, unlike the witch who wrote this stuff and unlike my lying brother-in-law.  And had Madore not come on the scene because of Boldt's well-documented betrayal of the people of this county with his rabid support of loot rail and a new, unneeded, unwanted, unaffordable, unnecessary light rail project, that agony would be visited on us right now, and in addition to Rivers' gas tax rip off of $700 million, we would have been hung with a toll bill of roughly $4 to $5 billion for a bridge that would have accomplished absolutely nothing save for the infection of loot rail into Clark County.

And for that, anything else aside, I owe him a debt of gratitude... and my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, my undying enmity.

But if you're going to shoot off your mouth on social media, you'd best know what the hell you're talking about.

And clearly, the moron who wrote this garbage does not.

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