Thursday, December 31, 2015

Democratian true to form: democrats in charge of Prisons and State Government shouldn't be held accountable for their screw-ups.

An estimated 3200 felons have been let out of prison early.

At least one person is dead as a result.

But because those in charge are democrats?

You'll see no call for the resignation of the Governor, who is ultimately responsible, or for the clown in charge of Corrections, appointed by this idiot who is, ultimately, responsible.

This is yet another of the various signs of the rag's institutional double-standard concerning the political left and the political right.

If you are a conservative, they will do all they can to crush you.  Recently, those millions of dollars of in-kind contributions, combined with the intransigence of our RINO population, combined to implement the democratian's political agenda as if they were being paid for it.

If you are to the left of Mao, you get a pass.  In everyone from a drunk, assaultive then-Rep. Jim Jacks to the arrogance and irresponsibility of Jimmy Moeller to their campaign of lies on the CRC, legalizing pot, and their most recent creation, fringe-leftist Marc Boldt.

Lie to get elected? No problem if they like you.

So, instead of demanding accountability in the form of firings, what do those morons tell us?

"Error in Corrections computer program could have been fixed before death."

No shit.

You see, I don't care how sorry the sorriest governor in the United States is.  That won't bring that woman back to life.

I don't care that this started before either Shake and Bake got the job or the Corrections Secretary HE appointed got his.

The idea that either of them didn't find out about this issue shortly after they got the job is as insane as Inslee making a complete fool of himself over at the Paris carbon conference he went to on our dime when he wasn't invited.  It's as insane as Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers lying to us about her support of gas tax and tab fee increases.  It's as insane as the local RINO's pissing all over the local GOP to get a democrat elected because they hate conservatives and hold us in complete disdain.

Now the big question is "what did they know and when did they know it."

We, of course, will now be blown away by the left's coverage of the efforts to fix this issue NOW, more than 10 years after the problem surfaced.  And oddly, while the morons at the democratian have indicated that, perhaps, legislators should be JAILED for failing to jump through the Supreme Court's hoop on the McCleary scam... are certainly NOT going to suggest the same thing for the government incompetence that led to a woman's death and other criminal acts that are related directly to this insipid stupidity of an incompetent Administration.

The rag, being a leftist mouth-organ, is "eagerly awaiting the independent report and the news that the sentencing software has been fixed."

Knowing that this is likely to cost the taxpayers of this state additional millions... tens of millions... knowing that those in charge are on a desperate witch hunt to find scape goats... knowing the phrase "I take full responsibility" is as empty and hollow as it is when any other politician uses it UNLESS THEY RESIGN... then what we're seeing from the local cancer on our community is just another campaign to cover up for those who ultimately bear full responsibility for everything that happens on their watch.

But has the rag has proven: when they like you, they like you.

When they hate you, they Madore you.

Not even a pretense of truth.  Not even a pretense of fairness.  Not even a pretense of holding anyone to the left of Lenin accountable.

Nope... at least one person is DEAD for reasons directly attributable to the democrat politicians running this state.

And to the scum at the democratian, that's far less important than the political destruction of the leading conservatives of this county.  You're never going to see a jihad against Inslee like the one they've mounted against conservatives in Clark County.

It's all a matter of priorities, you see.

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