Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Marc Boldt? The democratian's Great White Hope.

The revisionist hypocrite who wrote today's garbage editorial seems to have forgotten all about the nightmare of Boldt's last stab at governance.

They wrote this tripe:
That would be a welcome improvement. With Councilor David Madore lording over the council since his election in 2012, typically with Councilor Tom Mielke in lock-step, the county has embraced a series of questionable decisions that have served more as wedge issues than as effective governance. In recent months, with the expansion of the council imminent, Madore has been particularly active in pursuing his particular vision for Clark County.
Well, let me remind them of the recent past:
That would be a welcome improvement. With Commissioner Steve Stuart  lording over the council since he was first elected, typically with Comnmissioner Marc Boldt in lock-step, the county has embraced a series of questionable decisions that have served more as wedge issues than as effective governance.
You see, while Boldt was blowing Tom Mielke off by ignoring him for 4 years, there was none of this crap about "representative government at it's most effective."

The plain fact is that in the warped minds of those calling the shots at the democratian, the ONLY time "representative government is at its most effective" is when that government is obeying the democratian agenda.

Let that "representative government" actually implement the will of the people when that will conflicts with the democratian world-view and all hell breaks loose.

The people of this county rejected Boldt and his view in 2012.  They rejected his lock step votes with Stuart, his deliberate lies and his decision to ignore the will of the people on the CRC Scam, which, had he voted and acted like a Republican, would have seen him maintain his seat and stopped the RINO's and leftists from cursing us with this scam charter.

Yes, a new day is ending.  And it's going to be a bleak, cold, rainy night in Clark County.

For months, this rag lied about the motivations of the charter scam.  Until the very end, when Lying Lefty Lou admitted the truth... which is more than he usually does... which, simply stated, was that the whole thing was being done to overturn the 2012 election.

Unfortunately for us, like most of the C3G2 haters, Boldt will be governing out of hatred.  He is driven by arrogance, driven by revenge, driven by motives that are anything BUT decent and honorable.

He has never once acknowledged his shortcomings that led to his ouster as a commissioner, and he is bent on bringing the CRC Scam back to life, one way or the other, and raising our taxes (again) and fees (again) and generally making government much more expensive.

And the irony of all of this is clear:  Boldt will NEVER agree with Madore on anything this cancer on our community DISAGREES with him on.  And, as shown by the rag's lies on the cross-river transportation issues confronting us, there is little to nothing the rag supports concerning David Madore, save for his summary political execution, which they would applaud for days.

The reality is clear: unlike the tripe these scum printed:
In the end, Boldt and Olson might wind up agreeing with Madore on some issues and disagreeing on others. That is when representative government is at its most effective.
Representative government is most effective when it actually REPRESENTS.

Disagreement with the will of the people is NEVER effective.

And the love affair between the rag and my brother-in-law is permanent as he has long since switched his allegiance from the GOP to the democratian and will never, ever cross them.

The rag and their fellow leftists, from Brent Boger and Ann Donnelly all the way to Jack Burkman and BS Morris and Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio own this insanity.

And Marc will never, ever disagree with them on any matter of importance.  Because he will have precisely no where to go when they begin to hammer on him if he does.

While as Lying Lefty has frequently pointed out, Marc ain't the sharpest blade in the draw (Which is what makes him so easy for his fringe-left buddies to play him...) he also ain't THAT stupid.

And the dreariness of years befell us this morning.  And it will get much, much darker until the "new dawn" actually takes place... fringe-left scum notwithstanding.

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