Monday, December 28, 2015

The capacity of the voter to accept the lie.

In yet another reason to avoid the waste of time known as these debates, we discover yet another of the many blatant falsehoods those on display frequently use: the lie.

I, for one, am sickened by these violations of public trust.  When I discover them... and enough proof to make a case... I frequently bring them to the attention of my readers, regardless of party.

(I can't do them all: full time, there isn't enough hours in the day to cover them.)

I am, in fact, "extra-party," to the extent that I don't care about party affiliation in the least: as time goes on, the GOP has beaten their loyalty out of me in a variety of ways, and it's far easier for me to ignore the party which oh-so-frequently ignores us.

But the "lie" isn't a partisan issue.  Both sides lie.  Both sides exaggerate.  Both sides believe us to be stupid.  Both sides exhibit arrogance and a complete lack of understanding that their role is to serve us and not the other way around.  Both sides insult our intelligence, counting on our ignorance, our exhaustion, our stupidity; frequently, our duplicity; our short attention spans.  And while understandable, given the way we elect and re-elect these same liars, it also serves as the impetus for them to keep doing it.

As voters, we almost never hold the liars accountable even when we know they're gaming us. If we never arrest and imprison robbers and killers, what would be their motivation to stop?

"We have the government we deserve" is one of THE truest axioms of politics.

People are so gullible.  People can be manipulated:  it doesn't matter if it's politics or, say, cars:  for example, the idiocy of Subaru "giving away $62 million to charity," their commercials brag.

They, of course, aren't giving ANYTHING away: the suckers who buy their cars are providing Subaru with this huge tax write-off.

But they want you to BELIEVE THEY are the ones doing it... when, instead, they are, one way or the other... overcharging enough on their cars to cover the cost.

You see, what they fail to mention is that you could, ON YOUR OWN, without buying ANYTHING, give that same amount of money to whichever charity you like.

But what kind of a commercial would that be?

They say these things and tell you these lies in an effort to help manipulate you into buying one of their cars.

As if that might make them more reliable or give them better mileage or something.

The result, of course, is some suckers are persuaded by that stupidity.  Which is why they do it: a certain number of those who don't or can't think for themselves will walk in to those showrooms, whip out their checkbooks and buy one of those cars thinking, in part, that Subaru is such a nice company to give so much to charity.

It's not the issue of charitable giving: this household donates a substantial amount of our income to charitable causes.

It's the issue of manipulation, the motive behind it and the true source of the funds in question... which isn't the company... it's the buyer.

Which brings us back to the politicians.

Most politicians, typically, lie.  Most deliberately.  Some, inadvertently.  And the motivation for the lie is to manipulate the voter.

This, of course, is a violation of the 3 rules of politics: if you have to lie to get your project or your initiative/referendum passed or lie to get elected... then your project or your initiative/referendum should not pass... and you should not GET elected.

The main reason, for example, that I opposed the pot legalization scam was those shilling that crap were lying their collective asses off.  Those who wanted legal pot at any cost were more than willing to accept the lie as a means to an end.

Meanwhile, those in a position to do something about it... say, Gas Tax Rivers, for example, chose to reward those scum by actually cutting the tax burden they put on themselves and we voted in... in half.

Of course, even cut in half, the promised revenue hasn't come close to the numbers pledged... perhaps a little less than a fourth of that number will ever make it to the state's coffers.

And nobody cares.  And no one will do a damned thing about it.

Is it any wonder politicians believe us to be morons?

Locally, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers lied to get elected: she lied about opposing a gas tax increase and she lied about opposing tab fee increases... the same tab fee that the people of this state locked in at $30 per year so many years ago... a requirement that subsequent legislatures, both democrat AND GOP, ignore with impunity.

This made me, personally, recoil in horror that someone I supported... someone I had worked so hard to elect... someone who was SUPPOSED to be "different" from all the others... turned out to be just another cheap hustler who would sell her soul if the price was right.

But I found myself alone among the politically aware; even vilified by elected officials who suggested that it's better for her to lie to get them what they want than it is for her to maintain her honor and the promise she made to the people to get elected... the "lofty ideal" the Deputy Mayor of Battle Ground called it while he was wearing our kneepads in front of her.

The support of her lies by alleged Republicans was a real eye-opener.

After all, the GOP was SUPPOSED to be "different" than the leftists infesting us like mold.

How wrong I was.

Imagine, if you will: had she told the truth while she was campaigning... had she indicated that, in fact, she was going to support the biggest gas tax increase and tab fee increases in this state's history while supporting efforts to keep us from having a vote on that scam, could she even have been elected dog catcher?

Politicians lie.  And I'm just supposed to go along with the program, bend over, and scream, "thank you ma'am, can I have another?"  Our county clerk, Scott Weber?  One of the biggest political liars around, he ran on a platform of eliminating his job as an elective position; but you know, those $95,000 a year checks were just too darned good to pass up and so, well, screw you people.


And what has anyone done about it?  Who has held these scum accountable?

No one.  Because the GOP doesn't care: they don't care or can't take the heat of holding those accountable who engage in frighteningly dishonest politics to get what they want at the expense of those who have to pay the bills or suffer the consequences.

And that's just at the local level.  Small potatoes, save for the $700 million bill Rivers hung on this county as a result of her lies.

Meanwhile, HillBilly has to overtly lie about Trump during one of those wastes of times known as a "debate," falsely claiming that he, Trump, was being used as a recruiting tool by ISIS.

That's a lie, of course.  But it pales in comparison to other whoppers HillBilly has told in the past, everything from the video excuse where HillBilly killed 4 Americans, including our Ambassador in Libya; to taking fire at a helicopter landing site in Bosnia to her daughter being in the proximity of the New York 9/11 attacks to the tens of millions in her foundation bribery machine to being named after Sir Edmund Hillary to the ongoing lies of her email servers.

This woman should be in prison.

But she's the leading leftist to become president.

I have a problem with that.  And guess what: if the leading GOP'er was lying scum like Clinton, I'd have a problem with that as well.

However, tens of millions of Americans don't CARE that those who lead us also lie to us to get what THEY want.

I care.  It's a big deal to me.  It matters.  I care when people lie to get elected.  PARTICULARLY when they don't have to, but do it anyway.

But when you or your community BENEFIT from the lie, well, you just Phill Johnson it, and defend the liar because you've been paid off and this time, YOU win, as Pyrrhic a victory as that may be.

No one complains.  No one demands accountability.  No one in elective office calls them out for their lies.

Except me.  Because that's what I do.

Meanwhile, it's business as usual as we'll see in a day or two.

Don't say you weren't warned or didn't know.

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