Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The nightmare that will be 2016 on the political/domestic front

Exclusive of the agony of a Boldt Regime here locally, as each day goes by at the national level and the Founding Fathers spool up their spin to even greater revolutions in their respective resting places, does anyone remotely believe that 2016 isn't liable to be our worst year this century?

We have an out of control president who would put Juan Peron AND Evita to shame... and who, come to think of it, actually gives Mussolini a run for his money in both style and substance.

We have a gutless, stick-in-the-mud, out-of-touch GOP that is SUPPOSED to reign him in and instead would be convicted in any court of aiding and abetting the Administration's multiple, numerous, uncountable high crimes and misdemeanors and yet, who do nothing but get played like a Stradivarius.

We have two fringe-left senators and worthless coward; oddly, a representative of the ilk, as our utterly worthless, do-nothing, know-nothing congresswoman.

We've lost control of local government which is now entirely socialist in majority.

We're getting our collective ass kicked around the world; terrorist attacks in this country are increasing in rate and tempo, no one has a viable plan to deal with our security; millions of illegals infest us and our borders are a sieve.

There is no light in the tunnel that isn't attached to an oncoming train.

Back when the simple idiot in the White House was elected, I wrote the following:
Thoughts on a dismal night. (5 Nov 08)
It’s 4 a.m. as I write this.  This country in its infinite wisdom has accomplished two things tonight: we’ve elected the worst possible choice for president and we’ve set the tone for decades to come for most all upcoming elections. 
And it’s hard to tell which is worse at this point. 
“Change” is what was offered.  “Change,” to a greater or lesser degree, is what we’re gonna get.   
Change to what remains to be seen, but it doesn’t look like any positive view that I can see. 
I’m not going to replay the many valid arguments against electing Obama.  The cult of personality has achieved the impossible in the face of a wide variety of common-sense reasons why he should not have made this happen.  Stupidity, ignorance, and hatred on a wide scale have won out.  In the words of then local Congresswoman Jolene Unseold upon the stunning Republican tide of 1994 (and her removal from office by a write-in candidate, Linda Smith) “The winds of hate have swept the land,” she told us. 
The very real and negative impacts to this country will, ultimately, have to be experienced to be believed. The primary problem is this: will they be believed, even when they happen; or will a mass media, having set itself up as Obama’s PR arm, continue to violate the public trust by acting to spin, to mitigate, to censor their own information to re-enforce him has “the one?”
The mainstream media colluded to achieve Obama’s election.  By any statistical or other summary, any pretense of fairness or objectivity was never present when they reported.  Issues that would have destroyed any other candidacy were ignored, belittled, censored or swept under the rug.  As a result, this country has elected a man to the most powerful office on the planet when he otherwise would be disqualified from holding high security clearances because of his relationship with at least one known terrorist. 
Mainstream media has a vested outcome in Obama’s success.  Were he to fail or be anything but an outstanding, at-least-as-good-as-Lincoln president, then the mainstream media’s undeniable culpability in his elevation would be too obvious to be denied.  In short, Obama is a creation of the MSM, lacking any other substance, and the people of this country have bought into his packaging… packaging accomplished by a less than fair media.  Essentially, they own him.  And since they own him, his continued popularity is their number one concern.
And now, the leading democrat candidate, HillBilly, has committed enough criminal acts to spend the rest of her life in prison... instead, these same clowns that shilled... lied for... and covered up for Obama to get him elected are cheerfully going along with HillBilly's program to get HER elected.

This, then, will be a year of lies in the political realm; a year of increasing failure in foreign policy and a year of horrific failure in domestic policy while terrorist attacks ramp up and our government remains clueless in how or what to do about them... save pounding the drum for taking our guns away from us.

Meanwhile, the Establishment/Mainstreamer GOP will continue their ostrich act and keep their heads buried firmly in the sand.

I saw the microcosm of this in 2000, when the establishment GOP Executive Board lost their minds when their candidate lost to Benton for state party chair.

Now, the nightmare is spooling up at the national level.  And we will have pain to show for it.

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