Sunday, December 27, 2015

Year end round up: the top stories of 2015

These are in no particular order:

1.  Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' betrayal of her district and Clark County.

Look, here's the thing: if the people of the 18th District wanted a lying democrat in the Senate, we would have voted one in.

(From her Senate campaign web site.)

Sen. Gas Tax ran on a platform of opposing either gas tax increases OR tab fee increases.  After all, she was and is well aware that the people of this state and her district had long since voted overwhelmingly to limit tab fees to $30, but also that the GOP had long since trashed that vote.

And, when the time came to vote, she not only sold the district and Clark County out, but also opposed a referendum that would have allowed us to actually vote on this rip off, she also supported the democrat's favorite tool, the "emergency clause" so we would not have time to gather the needed signatures to force it to the ballot.

Thus, as a member of GOP Caucus leadership, she was instrumental in yoking the people of this county with a $700 million debt for which we, essentially, get nothing worthwhile save for a $6400 tax increase for a family of 4... as each man, woman and child living here will be responsible for paying King and Spokane County $1600 or so each as a result of her efforts to jam the largest gas tax/tab fee increases in this state's history down our throats.

Local RINOs of the Brent Boger and Phill Johnson ilk were thrilled.  After all, truth is a meaningless construct to the left... and so they've both worn out several pairs of kneepads to Rivers, who, while lying her ass off to get elected certainly met Johnson's rule against standing by "lofty ideals."

Like telling the truth and keeping your word.

2.  RINO Ryan's capitulation on the federal budget.

In yet another example of why it makes zero difference which party runs Congress, RINO Ryan bent the American people over and screwed us all sideways on the budget, giving the fringe-left everything they wanted while simultaneously making Congress Obama's bitch.  Mitch McConnell, of course, did all he could to help out and the result is a travesty of GOP tenets and additional hundreds of billions of dollars wasted and added to our debt which we will clearly never be able to pay... now at around #19 trillion or so and climbing.

There's no excuse for this nonsense, of course.  And it simply reinforces my decision to never vote for the GOP at the national level again.

3.  Putin/ISIS making that clueless moron in the White House look like an idiot.

Kind of speaks for itself.

While the GOP in Congress gravitate toward acting like prostitutes to our presidential pimp, even this pimp is minor league compared to Vlad and ISIS.

In the military, we had a variety of names for Obama-types, such as "turd bandit."

He has been a miserable failure at everything he's done except to play the GOP like a violin: that aspect of his administration has been brilliant.

But Vlad has been allowed to do whatever he's wanted since he arrived on the scene.  And this clown won't even say the words islamic terrorist, while Vlad, allegedly, bombs the crap out of the ISIS JV team.

I say "allegedly" because the military is an outcome based business and while, we're assured, there's a whole lot of bombin' goin' on, I ain't seen a whole lot of ISIS giving up and of the huge swathes of land they've captured, which would typically happen as a result of getting flattened like a pancake... except, of course, the cowardly scumbag in the White House has failed to put any troops on the ground to finish the job.

Meanwhile, ISIS beheadings, executions, burnings, burying alives, torture and the like go on unabated.  Think in terms of the Allies allowing the concentration camps to continue on when we should have destroyed them from the getgo.

Not to mention, of course, the slavery and sex slaves (You can actually buy a human being for $20 over there.) business and the illegal oil sales that Obama arranged, as well as giving ISIS billions in cash and billions more in equipment.

Is it any wonder Putin has no respect for this clown?

4.  Local RINO betrayal of the GOP in the county chair election.

Leftists and local RINO's joined together to sing "kumbaya" and elected democrat Marc Boldt to the county chair position.

Their support was, of course, based on their hatred of conservatives, frequently expressed in a variety of ways.

And then they wonder why they are despised by the local GOP.

They lied, exaggerated, put together a straw candidate to keep a Republican off the ballot (Jeannie Stewart) purely so she'd siphon off enough votes to only enable us to chose from a bottom-of-the-barrel, couldn't-find-anyone-else democrat (Fringe-left nutjob Mike Dalesandro) and a genuine leftist, my psychotic brother-in-law, Marc Boldt.

They even went so far in their hatred as to suggest that we IGNORE BOLDT'S LEFTIST VOTING RECORD and elect him anyway.

Boldt, of course, needed the gig since he couldn't get any other job once we threw him out of office back in 2012 so he's stuck driving a truck... and he needed two additional years to max out his hefty government pension... and now he's going to get 3.

The irony of all of this is clear: had Boldt voted like a Republican during his tenure on the county commission; had he not supported silencing 60,000 or so voters from voting on... but not from paying for... CTran taxes... had he not advocated for tax increases and implemented them for 6 straight years... had he strongly opposed the CRC rip off like fellow commissioner and former legislative seatmate Tom Mielke... he would never have lost his commissioner race, we wouldn't have this idiotic charter and we'd now be better off.

The charter scam is going to be nightmare.  And Boldt is going to do all he can to roll back every conservative move made in his absence.

Now, the fringe-leftist scumbag who ran Boldt's effort, Jimmy Mains, is doing all he can to try and do the exact same thing in the 18th District, recruiting "independent" candidates who lie about their political affiliation... like my miserable wretch of a brother-in-law lied about his.

And anyone Republican who supported that nutberger... particularly Carolyn Crain, is finished here politically.

Look, the left got everything the RINO's wanted them to get.  Now, of course, the next step is going to be for Boldt to do everything he can to undo all of the progress, restore all of the tax and fee cuts so they can steal and spend more of our money... and you know that both Stewart and Olson will help Boldt every step of the way.

And I will put every nickel of that on Boger, Rivers, Kimsey, Wilson, Donnelly and that ilk that voted control of the council over to the left.

It's going to be on you, kids.  All of it.

Yeah... elections have consequences.  And in this case, the consequences are going to be more regulation and more money ripped off out of our wallets.

5.  Continuing economic recovery and growth in Clark County.

Economic growth around here continues to exceed that of most of the state.  Those responsible for it, namely, David Madore and Tom Mielke, get no credit for it, however, because the rag indicates they're incapable of doing anything right, so to them, it happens in SPITE of them, and never BECAUSE of them.

That's the sort of thing you get, though, when local media is driven by hatred.

6.  CTran pissing on the people's will

Look, I get it.  When you have a mob run by a lying scumbag like Leavitt, the LAST thing these clowns are going to care about is following a vote of the people: that's why many of these same scum threw us under TriMet's bus, so to speak, by ceding our control over eminent domain to an unelected, out of state agency... and who the CTran board did such a spiff job... with Boldt's support... of cutting 60,000 of us out of the vote... but not out of paying their taxes.

The end result?  That idiotic, unneeded, unwanted waste of money called "Bus Rapid Transit," a waste of millions of dollars that, as per usual, will be dedicated to moving no more people than we move now via bus for just a great deal more expense.

Your government(s) in action.

7.  Another year of zero representation by Ridgefield Barbie, our worthless Congresscritter.

It's a problem when you local congressional representation is a cowardly moron yes-woman who does whatever she's told while hiding from her moronic constituency.

And I say "moronic" because if you ever voted for that waste of skin, that's how you voted.

Like a moron.

The rejoinder I typically get is, well, "look who she was running against."



What's the worst that could happen?  If we had elected a democrat, they would have voted like Boehner and RINO Ryan wanted them to vote... like Barbie voted... like a leftist.

And, in her never-ending effort to avoid doing anything approaching work... combined with her never ending effort to avoid answering for her rank stupidity and cowardice, does ol' Horse Face ever hold open town hall meetings?


She doesn't have the guts.

If she vaporized tonight, politically, she wouldn't be missed.

Like him or hate him, at least Baird had the guts to face us. 

8.  Domestic terrorism and the lack of ideas on how to deal with it.

Trump comes up with a plan that includes denying muslims access to this country.  I support that plan, if for no other reason than no one else has come up with anything else.

There is no plan we've seen implemented to address this.  A muslim woman who played on our privacy mania passed multiple background checks and even though she was caught lying, that made no difference to Obama's Homeland Security people.

Our increasingly larger muslim population comes complete with an increasingly larger demographic of the ISIS bent.  And what's the hopeless Administration's response?

Well, they (the terrorists) all need jobs.

Odd.  The last guy who slaughtered innocents in San Bernardino had a job.

So did, come to think of it, US Army Major Nidal Hassan.

We are about as vulnerable today as we were then.  The president won't even allow that islam is a major element in these scumbag's efforts to impose their laws on us.

And no one, no where, has a realistic, viable plan to stop them... yet.

But as the number of attacks increase and more of us get slaughtered, the options on how to deal with it are going to become increasingly smaller.  And they are not going to like what ultimately happens.

9.  The unexpected rise of Trump and Cruz.

Months ago, I indicated after it became clear that Trump was impacting that the Establishment RINOs only had one choice when it came to defeating Trump.... and while these morons made a choice... it was the wrong one.

The ONLY thing they could do was to begin the process of moving in his direction.  Instead, they ran away in horror and sent out their talking heads to attempt to undercut and destroy him.

Even FOXNews has become involved in that effort.

Establishment candidates like Little Jebbie and Sell Out Rubio express amazement that Trump is where he is, while they are where they are... towards the back of the pack.

Time and again, he's been pronounced dead, politically.  And about every time, he comes back with even bigger numbers... most recently yesterday when FOXNews ignored their OWN poll that had Trump at +21 over Cruz in favor of an outlier poll that had him +4.

Until today.

Today's CNN/ORC poll had him back to +21.  Yesterday, though, watching these guys... it was... again... all over for Trump.

Because they want it to be.

Cruz has been playing it cool, hoping that Trump flames out and that he can pick up the pieces.

I don't denigrate him for that; when you're going up against a Trump, that's not a bad strategy.

Still, when the Donald started out, I didn't take him seriously.  But once it became clear that he had figured it out and was saying what the majority was thinking... and his poll numbers popped... his money made it clear that he was going to be a player.  And he is.

10.  Resurrection of the CRC Scam.

A massive waste of money (Number 18 on the biggest wastes of government money in the history of the Northwest) hated by the rank and file of Clark County citizenry, lied about for a decade and based entirely on the bizarre idea that the Portland Soviet's waste of billions, loot rail, had to infest Clark County.

It became the nexus for the GOP resurgence in Clark County, recently ended by the RINO-leftist partnership.

Meanwhile, it never really went away.  It was temporarily stalled when the State Senate briefly determined that it would not pay for this idiocy, with 40 plus years of ever-increasing tolls beginning at $8 per day, equaling roughly $100 million per year, to start, sucked out of our local economy, a figure almost arrived at by Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers betrayal of this county and her district that will rip $700 million out of our local economy over the next few years to pay for Seattle's transportation insanity.

ANY effort to replace the I-5 bridge CANNOT take place until ADDITIONAL BRIDGES in DIFFERENT LOCATIONS are built FIRST.

The idea that we should somehow replace a paid for, functional bridge with something that costs billions and will do nothing to improve the commute is leftist insanity personified.  And any such effort will be opposed by the people of this county now as it has been for the last 10 years.

The building of that bridge with loot rail is, of course, Job One for my psychotic liar of a brother-in-law.  That is why the leftists supported him and if you don't think they did, just check out his PDC's and see who gave him money.

11.  The political betrayal of friends and colleagues by those who hate conservatives.

Going back to the 2014 election cycle, one of the formerly bright spots was the election of Rep. Lynda Wilson, who falsely portrayed herself as a conservative and who was dragged over the finish line by Rep. Liz Pike, who is a conservative... only to abandon her during the county chair election.

Wilson, married to Tracy Wilson, who's massive financial support of Boldt was a critical element in his election success, did nothing to assist Pike's election and played stupid when it came to her betrayal of Pike during the last elective cycle.

The same can be said for county councilor Julie Olson.

Olson mailed it in during the 2012 election and lost to Monica Stonier in the 17th District . But it wasn't for lack of effort on the part of Pike, who effectively ran her campaign for her and who, in this election, forgot all about Pike as she joined with the pro-CRC scammers who stupidly don't care that the people of this county have made it clear that her view isn't the view they share.

Of course, Olson has ALWAYS supported the CRC Scam as much as any leftist in the downtown mafia, so I knew and stated here repeatedly that her election would be a net minus for the county as a whole... her opponent, Chuckles Green, was the same on the issues, but was not electable as a C3G2 hater.  Still there's no real difference between the two, so it really didn't matter who was elected.

What mattered was that Olson ignored her "friend" when her "friend" could have used her help.

Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers is also included in the "hate conservatives" cabal, but in her case, much of that hatred was based on Pike's refusal to join Rivers in her betrayal of her district and this county on the Gas Tax Scam she implemented.  Compared to throwing her district under her bus, her disdain for Pike is small potatoes.

There are others, of course, but they were mostly known RINOs so that sort of thing is to be expected.

That cancer reached the point where I found it impossible to continue on in the political campaign field and, after 25 years of active campaigns, have determined that I am out.

12.  The Gutless cowardice of the GOP at all levels.

The GOP at all levels has been a case study of cowardice and further proof to the axiom that there really is no difference between the two main political parties.

At the state level, the GOP-controlled senate, with the able aide of my state senator, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, engaged in rank corruption through out the last legislative session to provide the largest gas tax increase in our state's history while not only failing to include a referendum clause, but even helping the left by attaching an emergency clause in this non-emergency theft to made it, effectively, impossible to take this to the polls.

At the federal level, both McConnell and first Boehner, then RINO Ryan has acted as Obama's bitch as much as Obama has been Putin's bitch.

Massive failures to prosecute, massive failures to impeach, massive failures to engage in oversight, massive failures in rolling back the debt, massive failures in getting rid of Obamacare, massive failures in foreign policy, massive failures in military policy, massive failures in keeping their word....

It's become the "massive failure" congress.

I know I'm never voting for any of them or any candidate trying to or in there, since it's easy to prove it makes no damned difference who has the job.

Local RINOs assured us that we needed control of BOTH houses of Congress to "get something done."  (Right, Brent Boger?)  Now, of course, that ilk says Congress CAN'T do anything because of that scumbag in the White House.

That's pure, Grade A, leftist bullshit.  And it's so easy to see as the leftist RINO on-again, off again "Republicans" like Boger support low-life scum like Kasich for President.

Because nothing would be different if the RINOs had the entirety of Congress in their control.

After all, that's why we call them RINOs.

The thing is, I knew he was lying then as much as he lies now.  And what's been done as a result of the blind allegiance card is that the democrats have held us down while that self-same GOP has raped us.

At the local level, threats to act against those who've betrayed us have not made it beyond the threat stage.  Among others who should be kicked out of the local party are our gutless congresswoman, Ridgefield Barbie, our leftist Auditor, Greg Kimsey who broke the law using the voter pamphlet to lie the charter into existence, County Clerk Scott Weber, who ran on a platform of lying to get elected in that he pledged to do all he could to make the county clerk position an appointed by the county commission job... only to forget all about that once he was elected and, of course, my own state senator, Gas Tax Rivers, who also lied to get elected by running on a platform of opposing any gas tax or tab fee increase.

No action has been taken against any of these clowns.  So what's the point of even having a political party if you continue to support lying scum like these?

13.  Obama trashing federal law to increase illegal alien/democrat election voters. 

Obama's violation of the law has gone so far as to not only allow 10's of thousands of hardened criminal illegal aliens to stay in this country, he has even allowed illegal aliens to become attorneys.

Obama has committed more high crimes and misdemeanors than all other presidents combined, while the GOP, which has controlled all of Congress for the past year, cowers in fear of doing anything about it.

14. Obama's foreign policy is as disastrous as his domestic policy.

Iran: Disaster.

Russia:  Disaster

ISIS: Disaster.

In every conceivable way, Obama has turned the United States into laughing stock of the planet.

In every thing from trading the top five terrorists in Gitmo for a deserter who should be shot to leaving innocent Americans locked up in Iran while we give them billions of dollars to strengthen their military and nuclear programs.

Putin has played and is playing Obama like the cheap violin he is.  He beats Obama like a rented red-headed step child... and meets success every where he, Putin, goes and with everything he does.... and he accomplishes it with Obama's willing  acquiescence.

Obama has supplied ISIS in every conceivable way, from weapons to cash.  His bungling in Iraq will take decades to unravel and put back into the box.

That, of course, is the result of having a cowardly incompetent as president.

15.  The end of my involvement in party campaigns.

While I will do everything I legally can to make sure that Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers loses in her reelection as a direct result of lying to get elected in the first place, I will not be campaigning any more for anyone.

I expect far too much from those I believe in and most (but not all... just not enough) do far too little to keep their words, to act with honor and to remember that losing in an honorable cause is far preferable to winning in a dishonorable effort by lying and forgetting why you are there and who got you the job in the first place.  Right, Rep. Wilson?

I will continue to blog, of course.  But I will not be actively involved in any campaign for anyone. It's far too easy to believe in someone who tells you what you want to hear (Rivers) but then, when crunch time takes place, bails on their promises and pledges to those who foolishly believed they would be different.

In the end, it's made no difference that the GOP controlled the senate at the state or national level.  If anything,  that control has made things much, much, worse.  And GOP control of the House?  That was a joke under Boehner... and now it's a horror movie under RINO Ryan.

Somebody around here has to hold those who've betrayed us all accountable. Someone around here has to tell the truth.  And while so many have completely betrayed any sense of honor and who believe, somehow, that telling the truth to get elected or to get a project built are merely "lofty ideals" to be ignored so that the select few get what THEY want at the expense of the rest of us... i don't happen to agree.

When those who govern (or want to govern) the people, there has to be more to it than lies.  There has to be more to it than the Steve Stuart "I don't speak for the people" scam.

There has to be.

And when there isn't; those who lie, cheat, exaggerate, manipulate and ignore us?

Well, I'll be here.

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