Saturday, December 05, 2015

I won't bother to listen to Obama's lies on terrorism.

You see, there's a problem when your president is a liar: when he needs people to believe him... they won't be there.

We have a muslim problem in this country.  We do not have a gun problem in this country.

Obama has never once addressed the issues confronting us as a basis for his handling of terrorism.

This kind of cowardice, of course, plays directly into the hands of the terrorists.

Obama is doing and saying exactly what I, as a terrorist leader, would want him to do and say under these circumstances.

Naturally, it's in the terrorist's best interests to have the president of your most powerful enemy country act as if the problem is anything BUT what the problem actually is.  Obama's efforts to deflect our attention to irrelevancies only serves their... and Obama's... interests in weakening this country.

Let's boil it down, for a moment.

Right now, I'm finishing off a bad cold or flu session that's lasted the better part of 6 days.

I also need my right knee replaced.  And in a couple of weeks, my 4th surgery on my right little finger.

Each of these things are disconnected from the other, save for one thing: they are part of my physical person.

A few days ago, we had a couple of muslim scum slaughter 14 innocents and wound 21.

A few days before that, a merry band of these scum slaughtered 130 or so in Paris.  Thousands of them, having been properly armed, equipped and funded by Obama, have slaughtered thousands of Christians in the area around Iraq/Syria and the Kurdish controlled area.

And they all have one thing in common: their religion.

But Obama refuses to acknowledge that commonality.  In fact, nothing BUT excuses have been made for these scum killing us... while every time some non-muslim nutjob goes on a rampage the problem is always... always... always... the gun... as if it has a mind of it's own.

It hasn't been so long that the whiny little bitch in the White House complained about US "clinging to OUR guns and religion."

But this pussy is too much of a coward to even THINK about confronting those who make American patriots look like pikers in comparison.

He's like a comedian who trashed religion... but won't say crap about the insanity of the muslim cult.

They can kill gays, mutilate their women, treat them like chattel, engage in adultery and own sex slaves... and NO comedian dares to go after them.

Nor will this president.  In fact, he's doing all he can to weaken our military by cutting it down in size in the middle of a war, screwing up our combat capabilities by ramming worthless women into combat arms which will deliberately reduce our combat capabilities costing us lives and billions unnecessarily.

All while our generals sit there on their thumbs like statutes instead of publicly punching him in the  mouth.

And when this liar gets in front of the cameras on he will deflect all responsibility for his incompetence and urge us to ignore the 8000 pound gorilla in the room.

(NOTE:  Was I right?)

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