Saturday, December 05, 2015

GOP Congress blows it again: failing to address the REAL issues behind these shootings.

You knew that scum like Obama would make a weak-minded effort to grease the treads of his gun-grabber agenda with the blood of the victims, and yesterday, Liar Reid made an effort to get two parts of that rammed through:  making it illegal for those on the terrorist watch list to buy weapons and associated equipment (neither of the scum involved in the San Bernardino slaughter were on that list) and "expanding background checks" (neither of the scum involved in the San Bernardino slaughter would have failed an "expanded background check.)

The GOP Senate at least had the sense to dump Reid's garbage and defeat those lame efforts.

(For those of you who might believe that if you're on the terrorist watch list you shouldn't have a weapon, sell that to Ted Kennedy.  HE was on that list.

And how long would it take a nutjob like Obama to put EVERYONE on that list to keep us from having weapons?)

But THEN, RINO Ryan comes along and says, they are going to begin to address a "common theme," which is mental health related problems many of these shooters have.

Except, of course, nothing being proposed to date would have made... or will make in the future... any difference in cases like those the victims in San Bernardino experienced.


This is the CLASSIC confusion of "motion," with "action."

Like most things RINO's support, this garbage will accomplish nothing.

What Congress needs to begin to do is to review the presence of muslims in this country.

Some reading this, no doubt,  are claiming "bigotry."

"How can we discriminate against anyone on the basis of religion?"

Well, in the words of leftist hero John Lennon, "It's easy if you try."

During World War 2, did we "discriminate" against Nazi's on the basis of their political beliefs?

Did we "discriminate" against the Japanese on the basis of their race?

Of course we did.


Because we were at war.  And we believed that race transcended nationality in the case of the Japanese, and that political beliefs also transcended nationality in the case of the Nazis. The Constitution is not a death warrant.

Well, we are at war now, today. The fault, in part, lay with Bush II for failing to recognize that our true enemy after 9/11 was, in fact, the muslim religion... so he and those following on beyond him have made a point of telling us just the opposite:

That we are NOT at war with islam.

The problem, of course, is that "islam" didn't get the memo.  And they damned sure are at war with US.

As we continue to play the role of the Tarantula to the islamic tarantula wasp, we seem to forget that it never, ever, turns out well for the Tarantula.  In the end, the islamic larvae wind up eating their paralyzed host alive.

San Bernardino was but a nibble.

What happens when they find themselves in a position to take a huge bite?

What do we do tomorrow or next week or next year when we wake up to find out that a city is missing?

What would America be doing today if terrorists had found a way to, say, blow up CenturyLink during the Seahawks/Pittsburgh game, killing, say, 40,000 people?


In most muslim countries, it's impossible to build a church.  In most muslim countries, the numbers of Christians are dwindling, in large part because forces like ISIS hunt them down and slaughter them.

I do not fear islam because of their religious beliefs.  I don't give a damn if they worship a half-pumpkin during a full moon with the theme of Charley Brown playing in the background.

But when the POLITICAL aim of islam, which is world domination and the imposition of sharia law begins to rear it's ugly head, and it's practitioners take the koran literally and do that 1400 year old book's bidding by slaughtering the unbelievers.... then, well, we've got a problem.

In that regard, islam is no different than national socialism (nazi ideology).  They are both scourges.  They both need to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

The so-called "moderate" muslims, who all support these aims by the way, do nothing to stop these nuts.  They lie like they breathe, and either keep silent out of fear of reprisal or out of outright support for their aims.  And I have to tell you, it doesn't matter a wit to me why they enable this sort of thing: all that matters is that they DO enable this sort of thing.  And that's why they are ALL a threat.

So, while Obama and his morons continue to play shiny object politics and RINO Ryan continues to hold his head in the sand while trying to bury ours... WHAT ARE THEY ACCOMPLISHING?


Absolutely nothing.

We need ideas.  We need to act.  We need to work to save ourselves since government is refusing to do it.

And what does that look like?

Here's the thing: many reading this are thinking, well, gee, many of these mass shooters are NOT muslims.  what about them?

That one is a bit easier: eliminate gun free zones.

Arm teachers.  Arm medical personnel.  Allow military personnel to be armed at all times.

Arm government employees.

Reduce the number, size and scope of soft targets.  Look at and emulate the Israeli Model.

THEN worry about "mental health" and further punishment for those of us who are law-abiding citizens for the actions of those like the scum in San Bernardino or the slimebag at the movie theater in Colorado.

Meanwhile, the question becomes: what are we going to do about those most closely like the Nazis in ideology and the lack of concern about their fellow human beings?

What do we do after the next muslim massacre?  And the next.  And the next?

I want to know... because I've got to tell you: our congresswoman acts like a monk who's taken a vow of silence on issues like this: our governor wants MORE of the threat to move here, our president acts like these attacks are all a part of his plan AND NO ONE IN GOVERNMENT IS HOLDING THIS DIALOGUE.

Because it's too "hard."  Because it's too "unpleasant."

We just had another slaughter in California, and what does the scumbag editor of the Cancer on our Community babble about?

His fellow fringe-left whack jobs blowing each other at a Vancouver Chamber of Horrors lunch.

It's like that slimebucket doesn't know what to say if he isn't ripping a conservative target apart.

No... no one... and I mean NO ONE... wants to talk about resolving these bits of unpleasantness.

How big does the lake of blood have to get before it rises to the level of a topic of conversation and we actually begin the process of DOING something about it?

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