Sunday, December 06, 2015

What Dake deliberately left out of the democratian's McCleary propaganda piece.

Face it: it's not as if we don't have a cancer on our community as a daily paper.

With a history of lies by Omission and COmission, it's not surprising that they'd lie about McCleary... in this case, quite deliberately and by omission.

And what was the lie in question?


As near as I could tell in that pro-tax puff-piece, that wasn't mentioned.

The ultimate arbiter of school funding and whether or not adequate monies are provided for our essentially worthless education plant is the people.

The people vote legislators, school board members and even the Superintendent of Public Instruction into office.  If we don't like what they do, such as Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers lying to get elected and then yoking us each with a roughly $1500 gas tax bill, then we can vote them out.

But the Court has precisely ZERO ability to coerce the Legislature into doing ANYTHING, any more than the Legislature can coerce the Court into ruling a certain way on a given case or cases.

The rag, being the rag, has a history of keeping "inconvenient truths" that don't fit their meme out of articles.

Dake and/or Brancaccio here was no exception.

The mistake the GOP made was even acknowledging that McCleary exists.  Every time they do anything under the guise of that "decision," they are ceding power and authority to the Court that is not theirs to have or take.

The GOP Senate's history of handling this sort of thing, however, is bleak at best: the Sellout of the 18th, that selfsame Sen. "Gas Tax" Rivers is the point person on "resolving" this issue... which, of course, means screwing us.

That the Columbian would lie in an article is no surprise: they've lied and allowed their friends to lie for years.

And you all need to be aware of it.

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