Friday, November 13, 2015

When the National GOP is stupid: Draft Romney?

Just when you thought the RNC couldn't get any more stupid:

So, chumps like me have been warning the RNC that if they want one of their guys to win this thing, they'd better start emulating the guys that ARE winning this thing.

Instead of co-opting and embracing those positions, the RINO's both here and nationally, would rather strap the political version of a suicide bomb to the GOP's chest and detonate it by trying to elect a loser like Romney.

Here's the thing: I voted for him once... and then I found out how incompetent his campaign was in every technical facet.

He is the living example that it really doesn't matter how good or bad you are as a candidate; what matters is can you get your voters to the polls.

Romney's organization was inept beyond belief.  And then we watched as he managed to lose to the worst president this country has ever known.  But we're now supposed to have faith in his ability to win?

It's the exact, same kind of RINO hatred of conservatives we were just subjected to in the last local election, when our local RINO's banded together to elect my psycho, leftist brother-in-law instead of electing a conservative because of their hatred of David Madore and the current local GOP administration.

Any effort, successful or no, to draft Romney or anyone else, will end any chance the GOP has of winning this election unless Hillary is nominated and then indicted.

We are sick of being gamed and lied to.  I will not vote for any candidate that does not go through the normal process to become the party's nominee.

I will never vote for anyone just because of their label, again.

And I wouldn't vote for the establishment candidate if you put a gun to my head.

There's a reason, Reince, that Bush isn't the one.  And you and your organization would do well to remember that.

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