Friday, November 13, 2015

So. How long does the West put up with muslims after another Paris? How long until that happens here?


It has been said that a moderate muslim is a muslim who wants an extremist muslim to their killing for them.

The question here is simple:

How long are we in the West supposed to put up with it?

Back when we started dough-popping Afghanistan, we were assured it was not a war against islam.

Well, apparently islam didn't get the memo.

We have had a few, scattered instances of so-called muslim extremism.  But it's difficult for me not to view all muslims the same way... the EXACT same way... fringe-leftists view gun owners when there's a shooting.

Is that moron in the White House now going to make a speech demanding that French civilians be disarmed, like he wants law-abiding gun owners in this country disarmed?

Of course not.  The French would tell him to drop dead because how the French react to this latest outrage is none of our business.  But if the French president doesn't order the immediate expulsion of all known muslims from France, how long can his government survive?

What are we going to do as a country?  How long do we wait until we act, and what does that action look like?

How many of us have to be killed by muslims or illegal aliens before our government DOES ITS JOB TO PROTECT US????

he French have a very long fuse.  But the first thing I predicts is that Hollande government will not survive this attack and that he will be replaced with someone who takes a far dimmer view of this.

Because the question for governments now... all over the world... is simple:

What do we do when this happens to us?  How many have to die before we act?  How much of our blood has to be spilled?  What will we do?

Muslim apologists will be all over the media today as they are every day one of these slaughters happen.  CAIR and other terrorist groups will be out there demanding their rights and that we treat this like a speeding ticket and that we disassociate that cowardice from any cowardice taking place here.

No.  I will not.

And God Dammit, Mr. President, you had better DO something about this so it doesn't happen here, even if that means you break down and utter the words "muslim" and "terrorist" in the same sentence in such a way that it accurately describes the situation.

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