Monday, November 23, 2015

The anti-RINO test: will RINO voters walk the walk?

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I don't know how many times I've read from various sources that RINO's won't vote for this conservative or that conservative, this Republican or that Republican.

I don't mind such declarations; I share that type of thing.

There are a variety of RINO types, both locally (Rob McKenna, Jaime Herrera, Marc Boldt, Brent Boger, Jeanne Stewart, Lynda Wilson, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, that sort) and nationally (At this point, likely anyone not named Trump or Cruz will get my vote) that I would not only not vote FOR; but would, in fact, vote against by voting for anyone running not named them.

(Many on this list had no problem at all using this very blog when it suited them to do so.  I'm sure at least one of them is likely complaining the loudest, based on the traffic.  Three of the names on that list attempted to get me fired because they hate what I'm saying so much... meaning that, in addition to their many other faults, "Freedom of speech" isn't a tenet they support.)

I am sick of rewarding RINO's who then wiz on conservatives like we're some sort of lower life forms; just one of the many characteristics they share with the left.

RINO's, on the other hand, demand that we suspend disbelief and vote for their candidates, even if they're to the left of Mao... because they have a letter after their names that entitles them to support.

Here, locally, my psychotic brother-in-law didn't even have THAT, plus he was cursed with a voting record that would have made Karl Marx blush.... and the RINO's, showing their well-known hatred of conservatives, bailed on our only real hope of keeping local county government in check, in favor of a democrat with a history of raising our taxes repeatedly, supporting the hated CRC scam... which he STILL supports.... treating the law with contempt (Voting to pay his wife working for a financially troubled contractor... texting while driving a commercial truck...) supporting a guy who would fail 5th grade writing tests.

(Yeah, I know I'm not any great shakes as a writer either... but I don't have the massive ego required to run for office.  I'm reminded of Groucho Marx who once famously said that he "...wouldn't be a member of a Club that would have me.")

As time goes on, however, the possibility of Trump surviving the Establishment assassination efforts and becoming the GOP nominee looms large.

And now... the shoe is on the other foot from the Romney (lack of) effort.

If a Trump... well, if Trump... gets the nomination... will the RINOs rally around him and vote for him?

Or will they stay home based on their hatred of conservatives and their love of milquetoasts like, say, Bush or that no-chance loser Kasich?

They demanded we vote for RINOs like those running the democrat-in-reality, Republican-in-label Senate.

We did.

And look what that got us.

Locally, every time Boldt screws us, I'm going to remind them... and us... that they share in the responsibility for that rape of our rights (Boldt, after all, stupidly voted for a county ordinance that would have confiscated our weapons in the event of a county or state-declared emergency) and our wallets.

The coming election is going to prove to be, perhaps, the most fascinating yet.  I look forward to it for a variety of reasons that will be made known later.

But most of all, I look forward to it because now the RINOs are going to have to reap what they've sown.


Robert Dean said...

It is grossly unfair to call Ann a Rino based only on her gas tax vote. She explained how much that pained her but the system (and the Governor) is corrupt. If she had taken a principled stand and sacrificed her career in politics for conservative principles it would have hurt us - we would not get the earmarks and we would be paying for even more infrastructure projects in Seattle.

Just a guy said...

Robert Dean: "Grossly unfair" to catagorize Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers as a "RINO." Au contraire, mon frere.