Tuesday, November 24, 2015

So... why are we so upset about Syrian refugees?

The left is all aflutter about adding thousands more to the millions of illegals they've allowed to stay here... illegally, I might add... but this time, they're demanding we allow Syrians of unknown origin and unknown ideology (i.e., ISIS) to set up shop here... along with the ISIS cells and camps we already have.

Look.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that ISIS will use the refugee flood to infiltrate this country.  We already know their plan which, at its essence, is to use our own freedoms against us as they set about to take over this country, an avowed aim of theirs for quite some time, now.

The president, who has shown himself to be a pathological liar and completely over his head on a wide variety of issues, from his unworkable socialist medical insurance scams to an unthinkably massive public debt... a debt he called "un-American" some ten trillion dollars or so ago... to the worst foreign policy history in, perhaps, the entirety of all American presidents combined.

The president who depended so heavily on the stupidity of the American voter to get his Obamacare scam passed... the "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan" conjob, a man who stared soulfully into the camera and assured us that adopting his pyramid scheme would save each American family $2500 in health insurance premiums... a not even particularly good liar who engages in that practice like he breathes... now assures us that every single Syrian refugee will be as pure as the driven snow and there is absolutely no chance... zero... that ANY of them are terrorists or that any of them will commit any criminal acts of any kind, let alone terrorism.

The problem is that he has zero credibility with the American people.

He has lied so much for so long that he even believes his lies.

And I don't.

He's playing poker with our safety.  He is surrounded by an army of security that we don't have out here in the sticks... and like so many other aspects of the double-standard that is his life, he tells US how WE have to live... while he wouldn't think of living the same way.

WE have to get rid of OUR guns.  But he won't.

WE "cling" to OUR guns and OUR religion.

Like muslims don't.

But he isn't ever going to say that about them?

There's certain words this clown won't even say.... like "radical muslim terrorist," for example. The reality is that he shows much more hostility to those on his political right than he ever has to the terrorist scum who have killed thousands of Americans in combat and wounded tens of thousands more.

And we are supposed to believe him?

I'm still waiting for one of those reporter types to ask him... "So, Mr. President... what happens if you're wrong and one or more terrorists DOES slip through our wholly inadequate screening process and DOES kill one or more of us because we don't happen to be the right variety of muslim, let alone any kind of muslim at all?

You see, dear reader, there is no right of any kind for anyone not born here to stay here.  Even naturalized citizens can have their citizenship revoked after the fact for the right reasons.

The reality is that most of us are well aware of these rules and laws.  And this liar... who can't even walk straight down a crooked road... wants us to believe him.

Fat chance.

With at least 5 Middle Eastern countries refusing to take any of these clowns, we are under zero obligation to take any ourselves.

And we shouldn't.  The fact that our president is a liar... and he's gambling with our chips... is why *I* am so upset about the idea of allowing these people in... as I would be any security risk of any kind... and they all are that.

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