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The enigma that is Jeanne Stewart

I freely admit I was one of her supporters prior to her announcement that she was taking on Craig Pridemore.  I told her, correctly as it turns out, that her anti-CRC stance would play county-wide and that Pridemore's slavish devotion to that insanity would overwhelm almost everything else.

It was closer than I thought, but when you have abysmal turnout, it's difficult to say what that impact will mean: just look at the recent election of my psychopathic brother-in-law.

The slimeball running the rag and the C3G2 haters were convinced she'd just be Madore's puppet.  They did everything they could to portray her as Madore's lapdog.  This same outfit also once demanded that Boldt resign from the legislature because he was "too stupid" according to Joe King and because he cut the funding for the Gorge Commission.

How quickly they forget.

And, of course, that Pike would not have enabled ownership of her like Wilson and the left own Boldt is besides the point.

How wrong they were.  Just like they were wrong about Pike, but there was no lie these scum wouldn't tell or use to win.  And some liars, like Marc Boldt, are just better at it than others.

Forces I can only guess about have gotten to her; she has long since engaged in the worst aspect of the so-called "more democratic" charter, which is that you focus on your district to the exclusion of the rest of the county, previously a requirement since all of the county used to vote for all of the then-commissioners... and now, you only answer to those in your district.

Although elected only because of votes outside her district, Jeanne smoothly segued into Jim Moeller-light and has become the most divisive, arbitrary and capricious force on the council, as she desperately strives to hang on to her seat in her upcoming election.

Due to that, she needed to reinvent herself by acting as if the Charter was the greatest document in the history of the world, and going so far as to suggest, rhetorically, that county government suspend it's operation until such times as Democrat Marc Boldt and RINO CRC supporter Julie Olson join the council to eliminate the conservative majority on that body.

Which, in reality, is precisely and only what those shilling the scam of the charter wanted.

Meanwhile, Stewart has taken positions on the council that are anything BUT conservative.  She has turned into the water carrier for Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio, and has become the darling of the C3G2 Hate Group.

Her non-candidacy in the most recent primary was a case in point: the only reason she submitted her name to the ballot was to further fracture the GOP vote, since she effectively did not campaign and, of course, made no effort to fund raise... as a serious candidate would have.

But then, she wasn't serious.  And she never intended to be.  She lent herself $5,000, and had a grand total of 8 people donate to her campaign for $2400.

When she ran in 2014, she raised $131,171 and lent herself $12,500.  She also had 120 donors.

Of the two campaigns, which were serious?  And why didn't she put anything approaching the amount of effort into her last campaign that she did the one before?

Because her job was not to win: she did nothing to indicate that she wanted to win.  No, her job was to take the necessary votes away from the GOP candidates running and she did that very, very well indeed.

That's not all she's done, of course: now she stalls.  Now she's snarky.  Now... her voting record likely would mirror that of Pridemore's.

I believe the reasons for that are not based on governance.

I believe the reasons for that are based on intense, personal, dislike.

And her dislike of anyone is no reason for her to punish all of us.

Boldt, it is rather stupidly said, is going to "heal" us.  Well, how does playing the role of most everything that comes up in a deliberately arbitrary way going to heal anything?

The political divisions in this county, fostered by the likes of Stewart and Boldt are not going to "heal," since in this instance, "healing" means to do it the way the leftists and the RINO's want.

There will be no "healing" as long as there is a large, fringe-left hate group running politics around here.  There will be no "healing" as long as the basis for governance is to ignore the will of the people and to do it the way the minority wants it done.

And that is the governance which, in my opinion, Jeanne Stewart and Marc Boldt and, to a degree, Julie Olson brings to the table.

Now, Jeanne is their fair-haired girl.  Then, she was the scum of the earth to them.  The landscape hasn't changed... but it appears the perception of at least two players has.

Under the rag's puff piece for Stewart, is a commenter, John Burke, who lays it out far more articulately than my meager effort:

John Burke · 

Why do politicians do what they do?

One simple -- and simplistic -- view has it that they are bought, and thereby controlled, by their political contributors. If this were true, then Jeanne Stewart would not be so oppositional to David Madore, who was a major contributor to her campaign for (what would become) county council.

Another view is politicians seek reputation, and will tend to act in ways that will gain the approval of those who have the power to bestow that upon them. Since these reputation-builders -- the MSM (locally represented by the _Columbian_) and political power brokers (locally exemplified by Identity [Crisis] Clark County) -- favor expansive government, they tend to make this stance the path of least resistance for reputation-hungry politicians.

The contrast of...

-- Jeanne Stewart's treatment by the _Columbian_ when she most recently ran for Vancouver City Council ((VCC) as an opponent of the CRC Project -- so popular with local repution-builders...


-- this current article, which follows upon actions and statements oppositional to her erstwhile contributor David Madore -- the _bete noire_ and victim of the repution-builers who also function as reputation-destroyers... 

...shows how this works. Behold!...
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John Burke · 

That Was Then: 

As an anti-CRC VCC candidate Jeanne Stewart couldn't "get no respect" from the _Columbian_: she was portrayed by this publication as befuddled and unfashionable compared to her younger -- and power-broker connected -- opponent Aleshia Topper ("she can dance!" Lou the B churped). Topper won.

Jeanne Stewart -- her pride now wounded by the power-brokers -- ran for countywide office as a (neo-)conservative who had been "mugged" by the power-brokers' reputation-destroying capacities. This time -- with David Madore's financial support -- she won.

This Is Now: 

The current article shows the rewards that came to Jeanne Stewart from re-aligning herself into the kind of politician the reputation-builders could find useful. 

* Though a Christian -- and though courts have ruled the motto "In God We Trust" to be in no way transgressive to First Amendment rights -- Jeanne Stewart opposes posting the motto in council chambers as "divisive". The _Columbian_ applauds.

* Jeanne Stewar's condemns as contrary to "good government" David Madore's efforts to accommodate the rights of rural property owners in land-use planning. More praise from the Big C!

* Jeanne Stewart enters the race for County Chair at the last minute, splitting the declared Republican vote three ways. What is she thinking? She then makes no serious effort at campaigning or fund-raising. What IS she thinking??? No declared Republican makes it into the "Top Two" -- including the power-broker's _bete noir_ David Madore. Ohh...THAT'S what she was thinking! Yet the _Columbian_ declares this thought to be unthinkable without serious consideration (they do a lot of that, don't they?).

* Former Vancouver Mayor Royce Pollard is now quoted as saying Jeanne Stewart is likable. How wonderful! The current article proclaims that she "sets her own path" -- which just so happens to be in conformity with what the local power-brokers want...but isn"t it always so? Indeed, how long do we have to wait for Jeanne Stewart to be proclaimed "First Citizen" (another reputation-enhancing tool to entice politicians to set their own path in accordance with power-broker informed notions of "independence")?
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John Burke · 

Napoleon is credited with the following pungent observation: "A man won't give you his life, but he'll sell it to you for a little piece of cloth".

Likewise, politicians won't give you their souls, but they will gladly trade them in return for a great reputation. 

But don't ask Jeanne Stewart about that -- it would be soo gauche! Instead, just look at what she's done -- and what she is likely to do.
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That is the Jeanne Stewart reality in a nutshell.  But like so many other things the rag doesn't want you to know about, hell will freeze over before they ever question HER motives NOW... as opposed to when they hated her.

Because you know?

When the democratian loves you... they love you.

Just ask Jim Jacks.

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