Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Take aways from the election: a new blog... Marc Boldt Watch - I told you so.

As time goes on, the true Marc Boldt, the rather psychotic hateful version who has been so carefully hidden, for the most part, will begin to emerge and he will out-Dalesandro Daesandro.

And I will be here to document it.

Marc is like Carolyn Crain.  Both of them operate on hate.

So, Marc will, of course, be anything BUT a Republican," lies of the former chairs notwithstanding.

This blog will provide most all of his screw ups and rip offs, like his theft of $5000 from his own campaign back in 2012.

But hey, you RINO's wanted him... you got him.

And just a reminder, Marc:  60% of us didn't want you to get the job.  And you'll soon prove to everyone why you shouldn't have gotten it.

The blogs name is "Marc Boldt Watch - I told you so."  I'll let you know when it goes active.

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