Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Take aways from the election: political ignorance

One person I know wrote this garbage:
I feel good that our system of government has worked for a change. It has shown that even
a quarter million dollars can't buy an elected office.
The issue is not and was not money. per se'.

Because this same person fails to acknowledge that the roughly $200,000 provided by out-of-state fringe-left billionaire Tom Steyer in the Port Commissioner race accomplished the goal that, well, this guy said couldn't happen... since, well, Port Commissioner is ALSO an "elected office."

And what did we get instead?

The irony of all of this is that those who feel this way are too ignorant to understand that Scott Campbell, owner of the democratian, has provided, literally, millions of dollars of in-kind contributions to anyone not named David Madore or anyone David Madore supports.

So, instead of a conservative who actually believes in listening to the the people and representing their wants and needs, we get a leftist, endorsed by the neo-communist "Young Democrats," bought and paid for by CRC-supporting democrats and RINO's like Lynda Wilson, who believes in the Steve "I don't give a rat's ass what the people want" Stuart.

David Madore has been successfully culled from the herd.  He's out there now, essentially swimming in a pool of sharks who smell blood... and who hypocritically don't see, or refuse to acknowledge, that they are no different than he is... that they are gullible, ignorant and far too easy to manipulate.

No, the issue was never money; if it were, Lisa Ross would have won in a walk.

Joe Tanner would have been elected county commissioner.

These same whiners and snivelers wouldn't be caught dead voting for Maria Cantwell.

The issue was these same clowns couldn't see past their personal hatred and instead, elected Dalesandro light... because, in the end, every tax increase Boldt passes will be on you.

Every fee increase he rams down our throats will be on you.

And I will be here to never, ever, let you forget it.

And that means you, Brent Boger.  And you, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers.  And you, Rep. Lynda Wilson.  And you, Ann Donnelly.  And you, Carolyn Crain.  And you, Margie Ferris.  And you, Mike Gaston.  And certainly you, Ron Rassmussen.

My job is to remind people of your betrayal.  And to remind people that it will not cost us so much more to live here because of your betrayal of GOP principles and ethics.

If any of you had any shame, I'd ask that you be ahsmaed of what you've helped to do to us all.  But you don't, so I won't.  What's the point?

But I am here.  And I'm not going anywhere.

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