Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Take aways from the election: Memo to Tracy Wilson and Steve Nelson

I remember your whining and sniveling about the write-in and how that would "give the election to Dalesandro," and, of course, "cost Julie Olson HER election."

I'm sure you internally justified the garbage stunt you pulled many times.  That your "fears" appeared to be unfounded?  Well, they never were valid.  You clowns just used that as an excuse for what you've done here.

I know that you've both betrayed the GOP here locally which is certainly your privilege... just like it's MY privilege to point it out.

In the end, Olson's election is meaningless since she's no different than Green.  But Boldt is going to punish us for being kicked out of the GOP as he so richly deserved, and most of that is going to be on you three... Lynda, Tracy and you, Steve along with a few others.

And I, for one, hope you choke on it.

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