Saturday, November 14, 2015

Did the muslim terrorist attack in Paris just elect Trump?

This is the kind of thing Trumps's been talking about since he started his campaign.... securing our borders... deporting illegals... ISIS... and the idiocy of importing additional terrorists under the guise of "refugees."

As it's breaking now: at least one of these scum in Paris was brought in much the same way that simple idiot in the White House wants to bring them in.  As a fake "refugee."

The latest Reuters/Ipsos pole puts Trump at 42% among likely GOP voters... and a 34 to 20 lead over Carson among likely GOP PRIMARY voters.

RINO heads are, no doubt exploding.

And this was even before the French debacle took place.

I could be wrong... but I've got to wonder:

What are the next polls going to show?

Thus, the question: did the muslim slaughter of innocents in Paris elect Trump?

Stay tuned!

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