Saturday, November 14, 2015

Today's quiz question: What happens to Obama when one of his Syrian "refugees" kills someone... or several someones?

One of the many insane things our resident White House moron has done is open up the floodgates to swamp us with potential jihadis from Syria... a huge group of primarily military-aged males who, I'm sure, want to do nothing more than buy a used Challenger and open up another 7-11.

At some point, at least some of these scum are going to begin to kill us.

A Paris-style attack is not out of the question, though they may encounter some push-back from people like me who would cheerfully blow a hole through their head.

But there are so many soft targets around here because, as well all know, those "gun free zone" signs make everyone bullet proof.

So, a well-coordinated attack in the right place at the right time can kill a great many people.

The question, then, is this: when one of more of the scum let into this country by Obama join up with some of the JV Team already here and kill a bunch of us... what happens to Obama?

What happens to the Administration, an Administration that doesn't even try and hide the lies when they spew them?

What gets done about these people?  What happens to this ticking time bomb?

Inquiring minds would really, really, like to know.

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