Saturday, November 14, 2015

Business as usual is not acceptable.

So, more Westerners, including Americans, were slaughtered yesterday in France.

Likely, terrorists killed 224 when an aircraft was downed a couple of weeks or so ago.

Hundreds upon hundreds of Christians slaughtered and sold into sex slavery.

Americans killed here in this country.

Business as usual is not acceptable.

We all know the drill: While as far back as the last Bush, we've been told that we are not at war with islam,  I disagree.

I disagree in that anyone at war with us, whether we acknowledge it or not... means we are at war with them.  War, after all, requires two sides.

The Administration is acting as if none of this is happening.

So, we have the choices of extremes: on one hand, at the far end of the spectrum, we have complete incompetence.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have treason.

The outcomes are the same.  The difference between them is deliberation.

We are rapidly becoming the Tarantula to the wasp.  We have a basic awareness of it's presence and the threat, but we seem quite helpless to do anything about it because we seem incapable of grasping the impacts of what is about to happen.

Some would claim that the inability to understand and deal with the threat is deliberate.  That there is some sort of plan afoot, and the president is deliberately acting to destroy this country... sort of a super-agent-saboteur.

Others, that this clown and those he's surrounded himself with are so inept and incompetent that they simply are incapable of understanding what's happening.

I, for one, don't care about the "why" of it.  Deliberate or as a result of stupidity, it doesn't matter to the extent that all of this is an outcome-based business.

How we got here is much less important than what we do about it.

The steps to take now are obvious to a blind man:
End immigration from anywhere in the Middle East.

Stop decimating the military... re-institute the draft.

Declare war on ISIS.

Place all mosques under observation.

Deport any muslim tied to or under investigation for terrorist activities or ties.  Arrest any muslim suspected of supporting terrorists.
Close down the jihadi training camps in this country.  Deport anyone involved in any of them
Any muslim here illegally is a threat.  We have to make a serious, concerted effort to hunt them down and get them out of here.

And the muslim terrorist threat just moved to the top of the list... literally... with a bullet.

It's easy to say that we have a problem... that the entire world has a problem.

Well, duh.

But the question, boiled down to it's simplest essence is this:

What are we going to do about it... particularly when doing nothing is the wrong thing?

The whole world is watching.  Not just those who would wish us well, but those who would wish us ill.

Yesterday on this side of the pond was a day of talking heads.  One of those talking heads was a former Assistant Director of the FBI.

He was asked, essentially, why we have failed to respond in any measurable way to these attacks.

His answer was, perhaps, the truest words a bureaucrat. past or present, has ever uttered.

"Not enough of us have been killed, yet."

I'm sure that no one is more stunned and delighted with the cowardice of the Western response to date than the scum behind these attacks.

They are likely stunned at our confusion and failure to address the root causes of these attacks as we reel from attack after attack.

That we are going to face this sort of thing in this country is a given, particularly based on the cowardice and indecision of our top leadership in this country, both civilian and military... particularly since so many of our generals and admirals are promoted not so much because of their military prowess but more on the old Soviet model of their political reliability and malleability to the Administration's social views.

We have a political leadership in both spheres.... And that is to our dismay and our pain.

We need warriors.  We have clerks.

But what will the morons who brought us this total confusion going to do about it?

How may dead is enough before the West unifies and does what it must to end the threat?  Is there some sort of magic number that will get the Administration to actually do what has to be done?

Let's end the charade of not being at war with a group that is at war with us.

Because we can stick our collective head in the sand and act is if denial is only a river that runs through Egypt.

Or we can do what we need to do: declare war, re-institute the draft, rebuild our military and go end the threat before the threat ends us.

But doing nothing is the wrong thing.  Doing what we've been doing has proven worthless.

If our rights are going to be ignored on a wholesale level as they have been with NSA efforts, then it might as well be aimed at those who would destroy us.

And I am less concerned about the rights of those who would level this country than I am over our right to survive their efforts.

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