Thursday, October 29, 2015

We're closing in on the end of the election: Write in Liz Pike and GET YOUR BALLOTS IN.

I've made no secret of my opposition to Marc Boldt, my own brother-in-law, in his efforts to get re-elected.

His last tenure was a disaster.  Tax increases, weapon confiscation, CRC support and efforts to keep us silent on the issue.

Lies to me personally about holding an advisory vote.

Or, we can write-in a fighter, one who listens to us and fights for us. 

We can write-in Liz Pike because she has PROVEN her loyalty to the voters by combating the very shame of Clark County that Boldt fought so hard to achieve:  The Columbia River Crossing.

Boldt wants that bridge and he wants light rail on it.  Make no mistake.

With the burden of the $700 million in gas tax that Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers has put on us, in addition to the tolls, our county would be facing billions sucked out of our local economy that we cannot afford.

We can work to avoid that by writing in Liz Pike, who has a proven record of fighting the very thing that Boldt supports.

But then, Pike listens to the people... and Boldt?

Not so much.


Martin Hash said...

I totally understand your position on Boldt. Personally, I think he's more conservative than liberal, and will be against CRC this time, so I voted for him. What's more interesting is the "dysfunction" email I received from the Republican Party that explained the weird machinations behind the Madore/Milke/Stewart debacle. WTF, the Boldt controversy pales in comparison, and I can't help but think the anti-Boldt movement is a misplaced reaction to whatever Stewart was thinking when she entered the Primary at the last minute?

Just a guy said...

If only he hadn't come out in support of it... again.

I appreciate your position as being opposed to the CRC. For me, the choice was simple: when he had a chance to govern, was Boldt for or against the CRC?

When Rep. Pike has governed, has she been for or against the CRC?

You had no idea that Boldt's position is unchanged from when he governed; he's trying to ride the fence on the CRC by falsely claiming that our top priority is replacing the I-5 bridge and building it "light rail ready," in short, supporting the CRC

So, no... he won't vote against it, he IS going to do everything he can to get it built (And if you don't think that's the case, check his donors... a who's who of CRC supporters) and by going "non-partisan," he's accountable to no one.

That said, I'm always willing to learn: Boldt had 8 years of being a commissioner here in Clark County. Feel free to point to any 3 things he did while in that position that can be considered "conservative."

And then, point to anything he's done as a part of his current campaign that could be called "conservative."

Besides being endorsed by the Young Democrats, I mean.


Martin Hash said...

I'm not a Republican, and I don't follow Boldt, but here's off the top of my head:

1) He voted against the Stadium Tax.
2) He voted against LPA.
3) He voted down the 1% property tax increase twice.

BTW, I went to his webpage, and you're right, he wants to replace the Columbia River Bridge. Too bad, he is obviously getting bad advice from somewhere, probably the same place my Party (Dems) is getting their information, wherever that is? I've asked many times who the engineers are that say the bridge must be replaced & all I've ever found is engineers who say that's not true. (And as you know, I am also a licensed Professional Engineer who is invited to the monthly RTC meetings.)

Just a guy said...

1. He voted against the stadium tax after I manipulated him into that votye with Ann Rivers as an accomplice. Of course, Ann now acts like he's all that, but we know what she USED to think about him... before she sold us out on the gas tax.

Five Vancouver city council members called Marc and told him that the votes for the ballpark surcharge weren't there, and he'd be hanging himself out to dry if he voted for it. I set that up through Rivers.

But BEFORE he voted against it, he rejected Mielke's efforts to kill that deal for months, wasting tens, if not thousands of dollars in staff time before he did, after several months, what he should have done from the get-go. And my wife and I are season ticket holders for the Hillsboro Hops, where they ultimately would up with a stadium that holds 1500+ more for $4 million less.

2. His vote against the LPA did nothing to reduce his support of the CRC Scam, nor did it keep him from lying to my face, directly, that he would hold an advisory vote for the project... and then coming out publicly against such a vote later.

3. He voted down the tax twice after voting for it SIX TIMES because he was in political trouble and had just been hammered by the local GOP for voting like he and Stuart were separated at birth.

It wasn't a "conservative" move. It was a "survival" move. It didn't work.

We haven't had a property tax increase at all since he left, and he certainly hasn't come out against one in THIS campaign.

His ongoing support of the CRC would kill any possible good he had done while in office, or reason to vote for him now since the people of this county have made it clear, repeatedly, that we do not WANT his project. And if he gets back into office, we can clearly expect more of the same, as those who manipulated him then are eager to start manipulating him in the future.

Isn't wasting $200 million to date enough? Particularly when we've made our position clear on this issue?