Thursday, October 29, 2015

Response to my mother-in-law's letter to the editor in the Reflector: setting her straight.

The letter she wrote is here:

What follows is my response.

You know, when I read this letter, I thought about replying in kind.  But then, I thought, "my poor mother-in-law... Marc must really be desperate to use her to attack me and my positions, let alone the positions of the write-in campaign, instead of doing it himself."

Taking advantage of the elderly is actually a new low for Marc.  Particularly one who thinks she knows so much about politics generally and Marc particularly.

Hiding behind my mother-in-laws skirts really doesn't show the variety of leadership that, I believe, most people here were hoping for.  But then, this cycle, Marc has been all about blaming everyone else for his abysmal failures that led up to his deserved defeat in the 2012 election where we removed him from office.

And he has steadfastly refused to meet with me to discuss this sort of thing, much like he ignores anyone who disagrees with him, save for text messages that would likely get him knocked out were he to utter those words in person.  

But this kind of thing is to be expected from the guy that Marc has morphed into from what he was back in the days when he was a conservative that the Young Democrats would have set on fire rather than endorse.

So, here's the thing, "Mom." 
It's not about me.
It's not about Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers who is going to have at least one serious, serious problem getting re-elected.

It's not about David Madore, as much as the leftists like my mother-in-law would like it to become.

It is, instead, about democrat Marc Boldt and why he shouldn't be elected to anything.  And his use of my mother-in-law here is a case in point.

A few days back, someone lying about Liz Pike wrote an LTE to this very paper.  The lies were so blatant and obvious that the decision was made by the paper to take the letter down from the web site, if memory serves.

Did Liz Pike have someone else write in to set the record straight?  Did she have a surrogate whine for her?

Nope.  She did it herself.  And that’s a reason… if not THE reason, to write her name in and elect her to this position.  Because in the end, if Marc has a problem with me, he knows where to find me and presumably, he knows how to have someone write an LTE for him since he writes like he’s still in 6th grade.

Mealy-mouthed cowardice is hardly a strong campaign platform.

Boldt voted to take our guns away from us in the event of an emergency.  No amount of spin changes that.  This is an open-carry state; he had no right to do that (visible guns or no) and the law was thrown out after courts ruled against similar laws in other jurisdictions and, of course, after 7 years after I warned Marc at the time the ordinance was unconstitutional.  It wasn't something he "fixed," it was something that he ignored me on like he ignores everyone he disagrees with, that infringed on my 2nd Amendment rights.

He "owned" nothing and had he listened instead of voting like one of the democrat sheep, what every other county board did or did not do would not have made any difference to a guy who took an oath to uphold the Constitution.  Had he known the Constitution, he would have known that what he was doing was wrong, especially after I told him it was wrong, and why.  And it only took him the better part of seven years to "fix" his mistake.  And he's supposed to get credit for that?

When it comes to the CRC, his position now is to resurrect it and put light rail and tolls back on it.  That's the bottom line and the fact that he supported it so strongly for the entirety of his time in office locally; much like the fact that he supported keeping the people silent on the matter by refusing to allow even an advisory vote... after lying to my face about that at the GOP convention in 2010 where he told me he WOULD allow such a vote... goes to the heart of the reasons why he shouldn't be elected to dog catcher.

When it comes to raising property taxes, whoever wrote this acknowledges the fact that this democrat raised our taxes for 6 consecutive years and would do so for more years if he could, and fails to mention that first, 2 years without raising taxes does not undo or reverse 6 years when his fellow democrats manipulated him into supporting tax increases... nor does it say that he won't continue to support tax increases since Boldt, apparently, lacks the guts to make such a pledge.

When it comes to park fees, the solution is simple.  Those, like Boldt, who demand that park fees be re-instituted can use that WONDERFUL mechanism in the Charter and gather the signatures and put it to a vote.  Of course, had Marc actually had the fortitude to write this letter, he could have come right out and TAKEN a position, but instead, in taking advantage of my mother-in-law, how could she know that?

On the issues that matter confronting the people of this county, there is zero discernible difference between Boldt and Dalesandro.  Instead, we get half truths and distortions, like the claim made that Boldt didn’t raise property taxes for 2 straight years, as if that makes up for the 6 he DID raise them or that his actions came AFTER the local GOP kicked his butt out as a result of that and other democrat votes he took.

Marc is not a “great man.”  He’s just a career politician who wants to get back at the government trough so he can be there long enough to max out his pension (he needs two more years) without being held accountable for anything he does… thus the “non-partisan,” endorsed by the neo-communist Young Democrats, an endorsement he sought out and gladly received, since in their opinion, he was even further to the left than Dalesandro.

And it’s not that Marc can’t “see both sides.”  He likely can.

It’s that having seen them, he refuses to do the right thing once he has.  It’s because he’s become an acolyte of his buddy Steve “I don’t speak for the people, except for Steve” Stuart’s school of government.  It’s because his leftist buds can manipulate him with relative ease and they want him back in there so they can do it again… and if you don’t think so, just check his PDC’s… and you’ll see the names Burkman, Morris, Leavitt, Tanner, the downtown mafia types and that ilk.

There are several reasons the people of Clark County threw Marc out of office in 2012.  All of them apply today regardless of what I do or don’t say.  Marc has learned nothing from getting his butt kicked in 2012 and he would govern now like he did then.  And that’s why I wrote in Liz Pike on my ballot and urge you to do the same.

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