Friday, October 30, 2015

The hypocrisy of the left whining about the "will of the people."

One thing about this local election cycle is that you can always count on our leftist hypocrites to whine about the write-in not following the "will of the people."

The left didn't give a rat's ass about the "will of the people" when an election resulted in leftists losing control over the county commission because their boy, Marc Boldt was tossed out of office by an electorate sick of being ignored and sick of him voting like he was separated at birth from Steve "I don't ever speak for the people" Stuart.

That led to this idiotic charter scam, that we can never rid ourselves of, but which, in fact, represents the "will of the people" the left ignores when it suits them.

So now, the will of the people should be ignored if, again, the results don't turn out the way the leftists want.

The history of the local left when it comes to that "will" is bizarre.

When it came to the CRC Scam, for example, along with Boldt, the LAST thing the local left wanted was a vote on that ripoff.

So, Boldt refused to give us one.

Where were their complaints about the "will of the people" then?

This state has, in our laws, a mechanism to mount write-in votes.  Linda Smith utilized that technique back in 1994 to win in her congressional primary.  It's legal.  It's allowed.  And her victory was the will of the people in both the primary AND the general elections.

Now, because of our "top two" system, even though the GOP vote would have completely overwhelmed the democrat vote of either Boldt and Dalesandro, the GOP was not allowed to have a candidate on the ballot for the general.

Like it or hate it, that's the law.  Personally, I'm fine with it.

But that SAME law ALSO allows for a write-in candidacy of anyone not defeated in the primary.

That is the law.  And if that campaign is successful, that will also be the "will of the people."  But you wouldn't know it from the leftist scum whining about the "will of the people" now.

And that's both the irony and the hypocrisy of this cycle.

The worst that can happen is that the write-in fails and we're stuck with one of two clowns who should no more govern than they should perform an abdominal resection.

But THAT'S the system we have.  And if the write-in campaign had NOT materialized, we WOULD have been governed by either dumb or dumber.  Now, we've got at least a chance to elect an adult.

Meanwhile, I would ask the loyal opposition to stop sniveling and whining.  In the end, we all know that if there were no democrat on the ballot, these same sniveling lowlifes would be mounting their OWN write in campaign.

Because that's what the law allows.

And I, for one, would not be sniveling about it because, as you may have noticed, these clowns tend to talk about anything BUT the issues confronting the people of this county, instead, reducing it to personalities, money, jealousy and all that goes with it.

Because on the issues... they lose.

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