Thursday, October 29, 2015

Missed last night's debate like I'm going to miss them all until a candidate is chosen for the general.

People, people, people.

What did we learn last night that we didn't already know?

The RINOs are still RINOs.  The leftist lamestream media is still the leftist lamestream media.

Candidates acted like they act.  The media, fully in the tank for Billary, acted like they act.

What changes?


State democrats have arranged to keep Washington State out of the decision making by refusing to consider moving up our primary.

Swell.  Meanwhile, we have no say or power in determining who represents the GOP in the general.  We won't GET a say until May, and this thing is likely long over by then.

So why get involved in any of this now?

Look, I'm not voting for anyone because of their label.

Locally, the fake claim to being Republican has led to political creatures like Marc Boldt, Greg Kimsey, Carolyn Crain, Scott Weber and most recently, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers.

Nationally, we have Jaime Herrera; a RINO-led Senate and a RINO-led House.

It becomes increasingly unimportant to vote when those you vote for, from the local level on up, view their elections as a key to personal anarchy, where those elected stop representing us the moment the vote is finalized.  Like Marc Boldt's hero, Steve Stuart:

Our choices, then, are clear: we continue to vote for a label without bothering to look at a record, like the situation with the on-again, off-again democrat Marc Boldt, or we look at the record and chose based on what HAS happened as opposed to what MIGHT happen if Marc has a good day.

Meanwhile, I skip the waste of time known as the debates, where leftists with spears are allowed to beat on GOP candidates like they're piƱatas and do so with impunity because the show is never about the issues, but instead, will always be about efforts to destroy the candidacies in front of us.

No one, I believe, should make up their minds based on the sound-byte snippets of these dog and pony shows.

For me, the equation is simple.

There is now no democrat running that I'd vote for if you put a gun to my head.

Those that I would consider voting for to this point are 1.  Those who have a shot and 2.  those who aren't RINO's.

Of those running, then, that leaves me with a choice of Trump, Carson or Cruz.

When the presidential election rolls around a year from now, if any of those 3 are on the ballot, I'm going to vote for them in the presidential election.

If they're not, it's kinda like Paul Ryan becoming Speaker: it won't be markedly different from what we've got now... so I ask you, again: what's the point of wasting your time watching this nonsense?

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