Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Thoughts on the LaBrandt Scandal; why isn't the democratian writing about this?

Since no one named Boldt or Dalesandro wants to engage in issues, and the rag certainly doesn't want to chat about the many reasons Boldt's betrayal of the people on the CRC Scam among other issues resulted in his resounding defeat by the people of this county and his removal from office by an enraged electorate...

...No, instead, the fringe-left focus on money.

But as I expected, their standard is a double standard to be sure.

Because somebody is writing 10's of thousands of dollars worth of checks to pay for LaBrandt's campaign, and the rag, which reviews GOP PDC forms more religiously than the Pope reads a bible, knew all along that LaBrandt's campaign was just as "guilty" as any of those receiving support from David Madore.

Yet oddly, as of this writing, they have yet to mention it.

Now... why do you suppose that might be?

So, what that moron Greg Jayne called "bad governance," clearly only applies to one side of the political spectrum... and that's why our local daily newspaper and those running it are such a disgrace.

They have the right to beat up people any way they want.  God knows over the years they've took multiple swings and efforts to shut ME up.

But if they are going to engage in that kind of bullying from the pulpit, these scum have zero right to keep the SAME KIND OF NEWS from the reader when it applies to those they support while they keep silent.

And this is the proof that these scum aren't about the news.  They are, instead, about nothing but manipulation of a gullible populace... because they lie, exaggerate, withhold and omit information they don't want you to know or have.

Beat up Madore?  Swell, if you think you must.

But the idiocy and lie by Katie Gillespie that they didn't KNOW about LaBrandt's money?

Katie Gillespie ·

John, as I'm certain you know, I'm the county reporter. I forwarded this information on to our port reporter, though!
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As if she and the "port reporter" didn't KNOW.  As if this WASN'T "local politics."

I'm reminded of a study conducted of those who lived next to the ancestral estates of the Count of Dachau, a bucolic dorf located in the vicinity of Munich.

The study, conducted by the US Army shortly after the surrender of Germany in World War Two, was to answer the question "how could the German people allow the concentration camp to be implemented?"

The results:  NO ONE living in the vicinity admitted they knew there was a concentration camp at Dachau.

They repeatedly claimed they "didn't know."

Between the trains, the truckloads of bodies and the omni-present smell, combined with the ovens belching smoke?

The conclusion?  They didn't know because they didn't WANT to know.

This is the democratian channeling the German people of World War 2.

Gillespie's half-hearted attempt to fain surprise, combined with the continuing lack of coverage of this issue goes to the heart of the matter.

If the Columbian didn't know, it was because they didn't want to know who was paying for that blizzard of mailers.

And when the Columbian fails to mention it in any way that it can impact this election, it's because these scumbag hypocrites are only using this issue as a cudgel against those they oppose.


The lot of them.


david clark said...

Lisa is being bushwhacked by $200,000 donation to her opponent from big money radical environmentalists using WASHINGTON CONSERVATION VOTERS ACTION FUND to pass through money. Their recent donors include $50,000 from the "Oregon Giving Back Fund" (founder by Oregon Billionare Harry Lonsdale), $20,000 from Peter Goldman, $25,000 from Sonya & Thomas Campion, $10,000 from Ronald Sher, $10,000 from Barry Cain of Gramor Development (Vancouver Waterfront), and $10,000 from Janice Oliva.

Earlier WASHINGTON CONSERVATION VOTERS ACTION FUND donors include $750,000 (October 2014) from hedge fund investor billionaire Tom Steyer who made money from oil & coal investments, $385,000 from the League of Conservation voters, and $50,000 from Craig McKibben



Dick Sohn said...

I think it's time to mention the employers of the scum at the former paper of record, the Campbells. They are the Downton Mafia scum behind the scum. I am honored to have been bocked for a few years since I pointed that out to Louser