Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Anti-Gunner NOW Gabby Giffords.

Not so much back in the day.

Here she is proudly standing next to a target of some kid, full of holes she presumably put there.


Pete Masterson said...

Just an observation ... the photo is very likely to have been heavily "Photoshopped." Note that the neck is covered by the hearing protection (making it easy to plant a "head" on some other person's body). And the "target" could easily have been inserted to appear behind the individual holding the gun.

Note, that I have not closely examined this photo -- but (as an experienced Photoshop user and retired graphic designer) I can see how easily that photo might have been modified.

PS. I have no idea if Ms. Giffords ever used any firearms in the past ... or not.

Just a guy said...

It looks fairly legit to me... but I could be wrong. My PS skills are non-existent.