Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The self-delusion of Carolyn Crain.

I once told Crain years ago that she would never be elected to anything in the 49th District.  And that has proven true... and her efforts to lie Marc Boldt into office has made that even less likely.

The 49th is Charley's Country.
Owned and operated by the democrats, Crain's efforts to BE a democrat, including her endorsement of democrat Chuckles Green, Chief C3G2 hater, CTran/BRT butt boy and all that against Julie Olson, who, in reality, ain't all that different....combined with her hatred of the local GOP... are chickens that are coming home to roost, and the chicken by-product will bury her political aspirations.

But this simple idiot, who has been working her ass off to get democrat Marc Boldt elected, including pathologically lying in his favor... including making up a fake organization and calling it "Republican," putting up lies designed to confuse voters about Boldt being Republican endorsed... actually thinks because Jimmy Moeller has ended his political career, she has some sort of chance.  The self-delusion of this woman is a painful thing to watch.      
  1. I definitely got this. Having worked hard for years the people in the 49th finally respect me and my voice. They have figured out I won’t be bought and will stand for honorable actions in government.
    They will vote for me this time! :)
"I definitely got this."


Right.  Directly after pigs fly.

Her hatred of the local party is legendary in its depth and breadth.  Because they were smart enough to dump her miserable effort to get elected to anything in favor of Lisa Ross, she got a hatred Jones where she'd burn down the GOP if she could find a way to do it.

And it's a shared hatred... and she will beat her head bloody in an effort that will go no where and which I will oppose in every legal way possible.

There's going to be a price for her efforts to act as Boldt's chief apologist.  And that price will be her appointment to the local political dustbin of Clark County where she so rightly belongs... out of government, secure in her self-delusion.

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