Friday, October 23, 2015

The number one thing this campaign cycle has taught me.

So, I'm looking around here, doing a lesson audit... since I learn something new every election.

And what I've learned from this cycle is uniformly bad.

I've learned that hatred drives political decisions in ways I've never seen.

I've learned that when political positions are taken, we're supposed to ignore someone's record and history, blinding ourselves and others to their actual record in office because of hatred of an individual or a group.  The Gang of Five, for example, effectively asking us to ignore Boldt's record of governance and vote for him anyway... obviously pegging the electorate as stupid enough to go along with that idiocy.

I've learned that with allegedly independent organizations endorsing candidates, money talks.

I've learned that what others have done to help in the past is meaningless to many.

I've learned that when it's your guy, or woman, truth is a worthless commodity.

I've learned that as disgusted as politics has made me, there's always room for more.

Those you've bled for could care less.  Those who you've worked insane hours for don't care about that and will turn on you in a second.

Not that I've had all the much in the last several years, but I've lost all respect for so many people and organizations based on what they've done here... what their positions are... what their reactions are when their take on all of this is opposed.

The insulting arrogance of so many who believe us to be stupid as they take mainstream positions shared by few others and ignore tenets of truth and honesty.

Promises made to get elected are just put out there to scam us.  And none of these people care.

Efforts are made to get you silenced... or fired... because those you're hammering lack the guts to oppose you publicly... instead, sticking a knife in your back and you don't even know.

Until you do.

It's a good thing I'm protected by kevlar.

People I've respected and admired doing that to me.  People who used me for their own ends doing that when it suited them.

But I've got something for them when the time comes.  Records, emails, text messages.

Meanwhile, I've seen the best of too few and the worst of too many.  People elected who wouldn't be in office without the help they received during their campaigns, abandoning those who did the most for them.

People running abandoning those who helped them get their start.

Alleged GOP'er's lying for candidates they support, setting up fake organizations trying to fool people by deliberately misusing the GOP brand.

Organizations endorsing others only because a relative is on on their board.

Organizations endorsing someone because of a checkbook.

For me, these betrayals will not be put aside after this election.

I will bring them up over and over and over again... filling in the details every step of the way.

And all of it will be aimed at Republicans... or in the case of Brent Boger and others, RINOs who will be held accountable for what they're trying to do to us to get their way.

Then... we'll see.

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