Friday, October 23, 2015

PDC vulnerability and viability: Autopsy on the democratian's LaBrant puff-piece and their hypocrisy.

Finally acting on information the rag has had for weeks (I mean, they go over local GOP PDC reports with a microscope, so they certainly do the same for local leftists, don't they?  And these things first started popping up 3 weeks ago, not to mention this blog exposing those expenditures days ago) the rag then proceeds to deliberately lie about what's going on here:
But the donation prompted outrage by some local conservatives, fueled in part by a filing error that made it appear on the Public Disclosure Commission’s website that the Seattle-based political consulting firm Moxie Media also gave LaBrant about $100,000. However, Murphy said, Washington Conservation Voters contracts with Moxie Media to develop advertising. Moxie did not give the LaBrant campaign any free advertising. 
“It looks like a crazy amount of money,” Murphy said. “(But) there’s a glitch in the system.”
"Some local conservatives" are not "outraged" over the covered-up massive donation.  After all, whoever forked that money over to pay for this (And it appears his initials are California Billionaire fringe-leftest nut job Tom Steyers is behind it)  has the right... the same right, I might add, that David Madore has... to spend his money whichever way he wants... however he or she wants to spend it.

MY outrage is the obvious double-standard of our leftist daily and their leftist sycophants.

First, the rag knew or should have known (And believe me, if this was Madore money or money for a Republican from ANY source, they WOULD know... and subsequently, whine and snivel about it as a part of their psychotic hatred of any GOP money) and sat on it until the ground swell forced them to act.

Second, that leftist reporter, when given the information, threw up her hands and sniveled, "well, it ain't MY beat, so I'll pass it along to the guy who covers the Port."

Who wrote the story, then?

Who wrote it without mentioning the leftist jihad against Madore or anyone Madore supports FOR THE EXACT, SAME, REASON?

Who failed to ask, or otherwise find out, who provided the mercenary Washington Conservation Voters the money THEY are using for this campaign?

Where's the outrage they expressed over Madore, et al, money going to the State GOP... and the GOP then using that money against Pridemore?

And that's where the outrage is.

This cancerous tumor on our community had engaged in documentable, verifiable campaigning for those they support, almost always leftist, and this is just the most recent example of the institutional double standard and situational ethics.

If this were anything approaching journalism as opposed to the legalized lynching the scum at the Lazy C have been engaged in for the past several years, then the reaction to this by the rag would have been swift... would have been loud... would have been just as damaging... and just as frequent.

But that's not going to happen.  It's NEVER going to happen.

Yet, at the end of the day, we've known of this hypocrisy for years.

It's best illustrated in two ways:  The lie from the mercenary WCW talking head:
“It looks like a crazy amount of money,” Murphy said. “(But) there’s a glitch in the system.”
And that's how they explain a $100,000, single source anonymous donor donation that the imbecilic reporter asked nothing about.

As if a $100,000 single-source donation for a local political race from hidden people ISN'T "crazy money?"

It sure seems to be when the source is Madore, isn't it?

The second way the scam is illustrated is by the response of the leftist scum supporting LaBrandt.

They don't care.  They never cared.

It's always been about finding ways to weaken Madore because they hate him and his politics.  But the very thing they complain about the most is the very thing I've repeatedly pointed they themselves engage in every way they can.

And that's the thing: the rag lies, they exaggerate, they prevaricate, they would sell their own children in sex slavery to move their agenda and support their candidates.  That they not only let that seep into their news coverage, it's the basis of it.

Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio has a couple of weeks to show how much of a "fearless crusader for truth" he can be when the guy being "crusaded" against is HIS guy.

And that means, relatively speaking, he isn't going to do shit.

Does the PDC have a "glitch?"  Maybe.  I've formerly complained that Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' number on the PDC is no where close to true.

That was weeks ago as well, and I've heard nothing and seen nothing as a result.

The only thing that makes the PDC viable is their accuracy.

If we have to question their accuracy... if we have to doubt their numbers... then what the hell is the point of even having a PDC?

The whole point of the PDC is not only who and how much, but how, generally.

The article doesn't talk about where the money for these hit pieces came from.

LaBrandt himself says he ASKED for this, and that means these are not "independent expenditures."

He's as dirty in all this as WCW/Moxie.

And that's the point here.  Not a glitch.  Not a rehash of what people already know.

Now, of course, we sit back and watch as this scam is not mentioned again.

Because LaBrandt is their guy.

Meanwhile, the value of the PDC itself is in question because THIS "glitch" is not the ONLY "glitch the PDC has.  And I discovered a glitch like this that shows "Gas Tax" Rivers with over $200,000 on hand that she simply cannot have based on an audit of her account.  And she, of course, hasn't done anything about it either in the 10 plus months she's known about it... since having the most money of any legislative candidate for the 2016 cycle makes her invulnerable.

She thinks.

And by failing to correct that number which she knows is false, it will chase off those who think she can't be beaten.

She can be, of course.  But then, clearly, she's become delusional over the past year... why else would she have voted for a gas tax and tab fee increases

I believe the rag's jihad against those they hate... Madore, Benton, Mielke, et al, is moronic.

But if they're going to have one... then they have an equal duty to have one against those they SUPPORT on the left who engage in the same kind of activity.  Because otherwise, they're just another version of the PDC:

Garbage in, garbage out.

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