Saturday, October 24, 2015

LaBrandt's mailer pegs the hypocrisy meter.

Totally bizarre mailer hit:

Labrant, recently exposed as accepting tens of thousands of dollars from out of state (Californian, to be exact) fringe-left nutberger billionaire Tom Steyer, most recently famous in Washington State political circles for wasting $3 million in an abortive effort to buy the state senate for his fellow leftists... and he was unsuccessful in every race last cycle... attacks his opponent when HE claims that his opponent has "benefited from thousands of dollars in campaign spending by oil companies."

Kind of like how LaBrandt's benefactor, Steyer, who he ISN'T talking about, made his hundreds of millions off of coal.

Then, like a clueless idiot, he holds up the local leftist voodoo doll, David Madore, gives out "high paying jobs and large campaign donations to those who do his bidding."

So.  Steyer isn't dropping bank on LaBrandt because HE, LaBrandt, "won't do STEYER'S bidding?"

Look, I get that political mercenaries like the leftist front Washington Conversation Voters (Who were bought by David Barnett as part of his campaign against a state representative candidate over the Cowlitz Casino Scam) use a criminal outfit like Moxie Media to shill for these kind of scum.

But this ripe, rank hypocrisy by LaBrandt has an odor that exceeds Eu d' Jantzen Beach these days.

It's like some moron in the Reflector, using a "nom de plume," calling me out for using a "nom de plume."

Here's the thing: I want the terminal built.  I want hypocrites like LaBrandt and all of his fellow travelers to suffer every time they see it.

I want the jobs.  I want our community to benefit.  I want hypocrites like Steyer to lose his shirt.  I want Lying Lefty Lou to vaporlock.

But most of all, I don't want someone like LaBrandt, who slings mud against others for doing the exact same thing HE's doing in their campaign... anywhere in my government... owned by an out-of-state, answer-to-no-one whack job like Steyer.

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