Thursday, October 08, 2015

That Carolyn Crain: she's SUCH a kidder; her lame response to the Boldt-Crain PDC complaint.

Talk about failing the straight-face test.

Carolyn Crain's PAC, which so far consists of 5 donors or so, having made what appears to be a total of 7 donations

put up pictures of adding their signs to Boldt's campaign signs on their PAC facebook page; small signs which are deliberately misleading and, from a distance, indicated the phrase "REPUBLICAN ENDORSED" in an effort to mislead prospective voters

NOW falsely claim that they were only repairing DOWNED signs.

The pictures do not show signs down; in fact, they show a sign standing, without anything attached.  And then, they show their signs attached to Boldt's signs.

They falsely claim that all they did, and Crain admits she was directly involved in this issue, was put downed signs back up:

"Re-erecting downed signs!"

Right.  Does the sign in the picture THEY provided appear "downed" to you?

Does that sign have anything attached to it at all?

The complaint I wrote, of course, was limited to the misrepresentation of the sign along with the obvious coordination between Boldt and Crain's PAC, which she does not deny; the source of the signs, obviously her organization, is completely irrelevant given that two PAC supporters, Crain (Who is listed on the PAC C1PC as the "campaign manager") and Dennis Henry (the PAC Chair) were the ones, according to Crain, engaging in this sign modification... this deliberate attempt to mislead voters.

It is also of note that the domain name for this organization along with the UBI Registration took place on April 20 of this year: it appears this has been in the making for awhile.

Since Crain or someone working with her is likely the source of the signs in question, and since it seems that she and Henry are largely responsible for putting them up, of COURSE "she loves the signs."

What would she do now, having attached them?  Say she hated them?  And these signs she claimed were "donated," it's sheer coincidence that they just HAPPEN to be the exact name of her own outfit?

It's not just that she lies; it's that she does it so badly.

Her problem in addition to her obvious lack of veracity?

None of that is relevant.

Marc knew those signs were going up, and he gave his permission to Crain or one of the others to do that.

Crain and Henry are both members of a PAC where coordination between the candidates and the PAC is strictly prohibited.

And nothing Crain wrote changes any of that here.

I was born on a Saturday... but not last Saturday.

No Republican group of any kind has "endorsed" Boldt; the group that Crain is babbling about is illegally violating the Republican trade mark in their effort to mislead the voters... and I highly doubt, for example, that you'll see an "endorsed by YOUNG DEMOCRATS" sign appearing any time soon on any Boldt campaign sign... because while that group, officially recognized as a part of the local democrat party has also ENDORSED Marc. he damned sure isn't campaigning on it.

Crain, of course, thinks she's the smartest person in the room.  That kind of Obama-like arrogance frequently results in the same kind of incompetent outcome.

This effort reeks and exudes slime.  And, as she ends her political career over this, I'd hardly suggest that this is the way for her to go out.

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