Thursday, October 08, 2015

McCarthy out: RINO heads explode.

Our local on again, off again GOP RINO spokesman, Brent Boger, wasted no time in telling the world that he had met McCarthy or something back in the day... and now, he likely mourns at McCarthy's departure.

Here's what I know: I am never going to vote for a Republican who views principle or campaign pledges as mere bagatelle to be brushed aside when the mood strikes.  Words have meaning ALL of the time, and not just when it's convenient.

Meanwhile, I'm reacting like the Markets, with the DJIA at +123.4 as I write this.

That, of course, is why I am so strongly opposed to Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers... since my ethics are not situational like some... and apply to everyone equally, regardless of the label they're choosing after their name... "R," or "D," or the cowardly "NP"... their voting record notwithstanding.

Those who insist on voting their agenda instead of the agenda of the people who elected them are not worthy of governance: that's why I strongly oppose my brother-in-law for county chair and the Camas Manikin we have in Congress allegedly "representing" us in DC.

The House and the Senate we have in place is there based on certain promises they've made and routinely ignored.  Obamacare is still the law of the land; budgets continue to grow as does our deficit.  Foreign and domestic policy is a mess; millions of illegals are being allowed to invade this country and the situational ethics of the GOP goes along with that as much as the left did when Pelosi was Speaker... maybe even more.

Millions of volunteer man-hours and tens of millions of dollars wasted to get a Congress that is "leftist light," universally reviled by all sides with among the worst approval ratings since the voters kicked Boldt out of office back in 2012.

What one RINO calls "pandering," someone else calls "standing on principle."

Of course, one has to actually HAVE principle to stand on, and unfortunately, a segment of those who allegedly (And only occasionally, when it suits them) claim GOP affiliation have only one principle within which they practice their politics: the sell out.

That, in large measure, is how this country has become the mess it actually is: because those who claim to be Republican sell out on a frequent and regular basis to the left... sort of an American version of Putin counting on Obama to be a reprehensible coward.

And Vlad has yet to be proven wrong.

Meanwhile, SinoRussian military capabilities grow while ours shrink and our military is turned into one medium-sized social program where the LAST concern is our ability to find, close with and destroy an enemy is back-benched further every day.

But women can get us killed in Combat Arms, and gays can get housing, and Service Secretaries can ignore reports from the field concerning combat capabilities.

Is it any wonder both the Chinese and the Russians are flipping us off?

Meanwhile, the RINO's were all about supporting a moron like McCarthy, who chopped the legs out from under the Benghazi investigation because McCarthy, like Clinton, appears to have concluded that the blood on the Administration's hands in this matter is not worth looking into.

That is sheer, unadulterated, incompetence.  And that continuing incompetence is what the RINO's support.

Like his election would have made any difference... change anything... and we are tired of waiting.

Back when only the House was GOP, we were told by the RINO contingent that they couldn't do anything because they were only one House.

Now that the suckers listened to that pap, the Senate is GOP as well, and now those same RINOs tell us that the entirety of Congress can't do anything, because the GOP doesn't have the White House.

When the democrats ran the Senate, they had no trouble at all exercising the so-called "nuclear option."

Yet, when the GOP is confronted with, for example, the Iranian screw up, they refused to do the same, giving Obama yet ANOTHER win.  The Iranians, who have killed thousands of American troops and wounded tens of thousands more... all for free.  And now, Obama's actions combined with that of the GOP Congress have not only insured they'll get nuclear weapons, but also $100 billion plus to go with it.

I'm not sorry that McCarthy is out.  I've been claiming all along that the entirety of the House leadership has to go or nothing will change... nothing will be any different.

Today was the first step in making a difference.  It doesn't mean that it WILL happen, but it DOES mean that it might.

And I am thankful for that.

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