Thursday, October 08, 2015

Ridgefield Mayor Ron Onslow: jerk.

Unfortunately, all too often those least equipped are occasionally elected to the position of mayor.  Ron Onslow is such a case.

Onslow, who made the deal with Steve Stuart that resulted in the TriMet $5 Million scam and Stuart's subsequent employment as Ridgefield's city manager, has been a blight on our county ever since he first ran for office.

And this is exhibit one:

At the last RTC Meeting, Onslow referred to State Representative Liz Pike as a "farm girl" in voting against a motion to allow her to make a presentation on her efforts to actually do something about this areas chronic cross-river transportation issues.

See for yourself here.  This starts with an explanation by Pike, followed by idiot stick insulting her because she happens to be a woman.  (NOTE: this video starts automatically.  Click it to stop it from playing.)

There's no excuse for this.  If a Republican had referred to that moron Smith, for example, as ANY kind of a girl, "farm" or otherwise, we'd hear no end to it and the demands for his resignation would fly.

Onslow is no different.  If I were Pike, I would do everything I could to kill any bill that would benefit Ridgefield in any way until that clown publicly apologized.

But then... that's just me.

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