Thursday, October 08, 2015

I just now discovered the article concerning my PDC Complaint against Crain/Boldt

(FULL DISCLOSURE: I freely admit that I am totally opposed to Marc Boldt's election this time, just as I was last time, since he's completely sold out to the left; forgotten/ignored GOP principles, supports the CRC scam in it's entirety and wants to hang tolls around our neck for the next several decades that would destroy a great deal of small business in Clark County as a result.

NO candidate or campaign or anyone involved or in any way concerned with any candidate or campaign was aware of or approved or had input into this post.

Further, Marc Boldt is my brother-in-law, and I worked for him as his legislative assistant for 6 years while he was in the state house, 1994 - 2000.)

As you might expect, no one from the paper made any effort to contact me.  Like, for example, emailing.

Oddly, Gilispie had no problem contacting Crain or Boldt... but not me.

All in the interests of "fairness," of course.  Kinda like leaving my mother-in-law's personal attack against me up in the comments.

Strictly prohibited by the democratian, of course... unless the target is me.

Then, well, that's different.

Relegated to the "All Politics is Local" is section, it's actually a relatively fair portrayal of this article with the obligatory reference to the infamous "Kage McClued" episode where I changed my name to protect and avoid any difficulty for Marc, since I was his Legislative Assistant at the time... some 15 to 20 years ago... and they certainly would have blamed him for what I wrote, since this newspaper, who had demanded Boldt's resignation during his tenure as a state representative over his efforts to rein in the Columbia River Gorge Commission by cutting the Commission's budget, would have automatically concluded that I hadn't written a thing without Marc's approval.

Back when Marc was a conservative, I spent a great deal of time protecting him.

But that was then, and this is now... and that Marc Boldt has, essentially, completely disappeared to be replaced with this version, now.

It's fascinating in a way.  If I had committed an armed robbery 15 years ago, I'd have been released a decade ago.

The rag, of course, refers to writing under a fake name, which is a time-honored tradition that was going on at least during the Revolutionary War and is frequently used now on the Democratian's forums, as "dirty politics."  They rarely mention my name without talking about it... and they use that, in part, as their excuse to ban me (and a great many other people politically to the right of Mao) from responding to this sort of thing in the comments section... made all the more difficult by their failure to ask me about it.

In fact, I'm sure that it's even worse than Marc's driving and texting at the same time which, after all, only breaks the law.

Because the message written is NEVER as important as the person who wrote it.  And most of my posts were to smack Tommy Koenninger around for his fringe-left idiocy, which included his jihad against Marc that went so far as to demand Marc's resignation from the House, as opposed to supporting pure Republicanism... which I am long since past now anyway, since labels have become so meaningless.

That said, whether the tiny group involved in Crain's PAC voted on it or not, the pictures were put on her PAC's Facebook page.

To suggest this wasn't, in any way, an activity of her organization to modify Boldt's campaign signs, which would not happen without his approval, is to strain credulity to the breaking point.

I made it clear before I filed this complaint that the simplest way to deal with it would have been to remove the signs in question.  That request was ignored, but had it been implemented, no complaint would have been filed.

As for my mother-in-laws comments below the article, she has spent a great deal of time publicly supporting Marc and, of course, when I mentioned that she was our mother-in-law on Marc's campaign facebook page, Jim Mains, who is the one actually updating it, deleted that comment.

And Mom, as much as you want to believe you are absolutely clean-handed in all of this, I would be happy to go there.

Remember, reader: there are two sides to every story, and in this case, maybe 3 or 4.

In this instance, I would stick to my original ask: take those fake endorsement signs down, and I'll be happy to withdraw my complaint.

And that you've been "endorsed" by a group of 5 people who hate the current local GOP organization here because they refused to endorse Crain's campaign in the 49th last cycle isn't really all that much to brag about... is it, Marc?

And, I'm sorry, Ms. Gillespie, but you just aren't that young.

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