Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Yes, I'll be skipping the CNN debates as well.

With 700 candidates or so on the stage, this is gotcha politics at it's finest.

I don't care about Fiorina's face or Carson's color or Trumps hair.

All the people sniveling about Trumps comment about her face like it means anything.

Was it stupid?

Of course.

Does it matter?  Of course not.

I want the best person for the job.  I want someone who'll saddle up and stop being a fricking coward like the one we've got in the White House now.  I want someone who will actually kick out illegals, by force or by simply ending this bizarre idea that the United States should become some sort of resort destination for them as if that will serve to make them want to go somewhere else.

I want someone who will unleash the Armed Forces of the United States on these terrorist scum, and then take care of those who served when they get back.

I want someone who will take care of the VA backlog... something even I could do... someone who will actually stop allowing these bureaucrats to kill us.

I want someone to get rid of Obamacare and Obamaphones and start making this a country where self-reliance and self-accountability will be the order of the day.

I want someone who'll force Congress to fix the budget and stop adding to the horrific national debt.

I want someone who'll kick ass and take names.  And this CNN effort to cripple one or more of the front-runners ain't gonna get us there.

And you will not be able to tell who that someone is by filtering the rest of the idiots out because they're behind and looking to score points.

Furthermore, we will not have any say in the outcome until the General election here in Washington State... and even then, it won't matter all that much.  So, I'm going to skip it like the last one and the next dozen or so.

Why bother?

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