Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hillsboro Hops take the League Championship!

Sunday night, my lovely bride and I were fortunate enough to be able to see the third and deciding game in the Northwest League Championship in Pasco at Gesa Stadium and it was a thing of beauty.

Watching these kids play is a joyous experience since most of them will never make the bigs... and in each and every game they play their hearts out, putting everything they have into each game... making amazing, astounding plays and sometimes, equally colossal screw ups... since this is Class A, short season ball.

The Hops organization is class, start to finish, with a state of the art facility that can, and has frequently, seen more than 5000 in attendance at the Hillsboro Sports Complex's Ron Tonkin Stadium.

If you can next year, I urge you to make the trip over.  These kids and this group are so impressive that we're getting season tickets for the next go-round so we don't miss a game.

This is their second consecutive league championship, even though only 5 players were here from last year and the team's baseball management was essentially brand new, since after last year's success, most everyone involved with the coaching of the team was promoted up into the Arizona Diamondback's organization.

Next year may be no different, as the top six draft choices for Arizona, including number one MLB overall pick Dansby Swanson, were on the Hops roster for the last half of the Season.

They finished with the highest attendance and the best record, along with winning both halves of the division championship.

Here's the highlights from Sunday night's game... Go HOPS!

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