Wednesday, September 16, 2015

So: why are teachers allowed to strike?

That's always been a mystery to me.

It's allegedly illegal for teachers to strike in this state; yet they DO strike, and nothing bad happens to them as a result.

Doesn't cost them any money, any benefits, any retirement.

They hold parents and children hostage because those on strike don't give a rat's ass about the kids... instead, all they care about is extorting more money for their pathetic product from those of us who pay their salaries.

Teachers in Seattle; teachers in Pasco; teachers in Kelso-Longview... they demand more from us and give us less in return.

It's never their fault, you see: the abysmal outcomes they're not held accountable for; the fact that they seem incapable of understanding how much they agreed to take the job for; how many days of work, how many hours, how much in benefits we're being raped for... none of that seems to make any difference to these union hacks.

So, the unions go on strike whenever they feel like it.

Instead of going to court... instead of having them arrested... instead of locking up the union leaders... instead of massive fines... the districts, the sheriffs, the legislature... do nothing.

And every year, these scum throw the kids and their parents under the nearest bus... and all that happens is that we're bent over for more cash.

Screw that.

Teachers: if you agree to work for a certain amount, with certain benefits and a certain retirement in certain conditions... then you have absolutely zero bitch coming.

And every time you walk out on these children, all you do is reinforce the message that your personal payment is far more important than their education.

Every time you go on strike, you teach the children that if the money's right, it's perfectly OK to break the law.

And there's damned little difference between that mindset and the mindset of some schlep knocking over a 7-11.

To put a stop to this madness, teachers need to be spanked.  And in this case, that means jail and fines.

And until that happens, this extortion in the guise of strikes will continue.

And it will continue for one reason and one reason only:

Because from their perspective, there's absolutely no reason to stop.

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