Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What the county chair race SHOULD be about:

So, leftists and RINOs are in full "whine" mode because the local GOP is exercising it's legal, ethical and moral right to run a write-in candidate.

As a result, there's lies aplenty from all corners of Boldt support, led by the Crain faction, as small as they are, and by the RINO's and democrats who want to talk about anything BUT Boldt's record.

Well, here's what these same people SHOULD be talking about instead of whining... because their bitching and moaning doesn't interest me.

And it shouldn't really interest anyone.

The question boils down to one thing: what will the prospective candidates DO if elected?

With only one Republican as a write-in candidate, and two democrats running, here's what I consider in the race:

Who has a history of supporting tax increases?

That's right. 

For example, who has actually voted to increase property taxes?  Who has voted to increase CTran taxes?  Who worked to exclude tens of thousands of rural Clark County citizens from having a vote on CTran tax increases?  Who robocalled in support of tax increases for CTran, and then lied about it?

Who voted for tax increases on the Battle Ground City Council, along with jamming the citizens of that city with a $20 car tab pop?  Who raised our sales tax without putting it to a vote?

Who supported increasing the gas tax in this state with the biggest increase in our history?

Who hasn't... and wouldn't... do any of these things?

In the future, who would and would not support jacking up our taxes?

Who has a history of supporting the CRC/Light Rail/Toll scam?

Who blew off the voters of Clark County for several years, rabidly supporting the biggest rip-off in the history of the Northwestern United States by actual dollar count until the Bertha Tunnel in Seattle came alone?  Who promised me, personally, face to face, a county-wide advisory vote on this rip-off, only to never follow through, falsely claiming it was "unconstitutional?"

Who rabidly supported the CRC before he was even in government and complained about it not being built when the project collapsed?

Who has not called for an investigation into millions of dollars missing, and overcharges on contracts?

Who ignored the voters and insisted that we not be allowed a voice?  Who put the special interests ahead of the will of the voter in Clark County?

Who fought for the people on the issue even before they took office and continues to fight against light rail since?

Who has a history of actually LISTENING to the voters?

While in office, who has done all they can to determine the will of the people?

Who has done all they can to avoid it, to belittle it, to disregard it?

I may not always agree with government.  But I have to know that what government considers is not limited to a personal or special interests agenda... such as those responsible for stuffing the gas tax down our throats... or arbitrarily raising our sales tax... or rabidly supporting the biggest rip off this area has ever known.

That's thew kind of thing this election should be about.  And the history of those on the ballot is replete with a history of not listening, of not caring and special interests calling the tune.

Do your own research.  Don't take my word for it.  Ferret out the facts from the fog.

Our local future depends on it.


Martin Hash said...

Hey, you know your brother-in-law better than any of us, so I'll just throw this out there...

What if Mark said, 'hey, I f**ked up a few times, specifically CRC, gun registration & increased taxes, but you're my Party, please take me back, and I'll ask next time before listening to the Dems."

I really would like an anti-CRCer on the commission but if he ain't one, then "go Liz Pike."

Just a guy said...

Unfortunately, that would be a very long putt.

He's had 3 long years since the 2012 election to build bridges and repair the one's he's dropped in the river. (So to speak.) 4 years or so since he was censured.

He ran as a PCO in this precinct, was elected... and then reelected... and never once even attended any Party or PCO function or meeting until late last month when an abortive effort was made to get the GOP to endorse him... an effort made even more difficult by his successful attempt to get the Young Democrat's endorsement a few months back. Talk about mixing oil and water!

I can, in fact, understand Marc being angry for what he no doubt perceives as being an injustice against him when he was censured back in 2011.

But rarely does the mountain move to Mohammad. And this is one of those times when he would like have been better off patching his political boat by engaging in some good old fashioned political mea culpa then holding a party office that he then refused to participate in... merely out of spite.

And that's a shame, really. But his first step in GOP rehab would be to admit the error of his ways. What did the Maoists call it? "Self criticism?"

Each day that goes by would make it more difficult. He can start the process after this election... but now, if he were to make such a move, it would likely be seen as a pandering strategy since he missed, literally, years to restore his standing in the party apparatus.

Martin Hash said...

I just don't want a pro-CRCer on the Commission. I'd take a dead frog (Mark Boldt included) if that's what it took.

Did you hear that Dalesandro wants to shut down DES. I agree EXCEPT his motive is to get Benton out of the way of CRC. This entire charade has been about CRC & remains CRC-centric.

I bet if you look at the money behind all this BS, it comes (discretely) from the contractors who want the project. In fact, I suspect The Columbian was bailed out of bankruptcy by the same shady CRC-agenda organization. (Nothing else makes sense. One or more of those names on the PDC breakdown goes back to the source of all this.)

Just a guy said...

You're right. And while Marc doesn't have a lot of money, he's been picking it up from the Pro-CRC crew.

Ken Kakuk said...

You guys have no idea of the corruption. One of my coworkers often said something stinks in Camas and it is not the mill. First liar does not stand a chance.

Unknown said...

I wish he would have answered some of the questions he asked for those who are looking to these blogs for information. Who did vote vote for tax increases in fuel on vehicles? I'd like to shake his hand for looking towards the future. Bolt needs his teeth fixed, and start reading. He looks like a meth head and sounds like an oakie.