Saturday, September 05, 2015

Marc Boldt: Pathological liar.

Adding to the ever growing list of reasons why Marc Boldt shouldn't be elected dog-catcher is this beaut:

He's an out and out liar.

I've pointed out many of his lies recently, but this one takes the cake:

The "Republicans of Clark County" is nothing more than a figment of Carolyn Crain's imagination, a woman mightily pissed off at the GOP for rejecting her continuing wasted efforts to get elected in the 49th District (Which will never happen) in favor of Lisa Ross.

She has gone completely off the deep end since she was rejected... and so, apparently, has Boldt or his sock puppet, leftist Jim Mains who is running his pathetic campaign with the assistance of RINO's and democrats of all stripes.

Sadly, this version of Marc Boldt is a liar.

When I worked for him, he would pour gasoline on himself and light it before he'd lie.

Obviously, being co-opted by the left as he was as a commissioner has totally destroyed his integrity and honor.

Now, of course, anyone can feel free to make up fake organizations and dress them up any way they like, and then claim their endorsement.

Boldt ought to be shamed of himself.  And presuming he ever bothers to go to church again, he ought to have a long talk with the Head Man about lying to achieve your goals.  Because frankly, Marc used to believe that God put him into office... and while that may be so, perhaps it's time for my brother-in-law to review why God then removed him from office.

A little introspection, Marc.  Clearly, you would sell your soul to get elected.  And that is both sad... and pathetic.

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