Saturday, September 05, 2015

Unable to handle the truth, Boldt censors me.

Last night, when I discovered that my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, was lying about being endorsed by the GOP, I let him have it on his facebook page, telling him that there was no reason for him to lie about being endorsed by the Republicans of Clark County.

Unable to respond adequately, my comments were removed by either Mains, who wrote the lie in the first place, or Boldt himself.

Back in the day, when I worked for the formerly conservative, formerly Republican Boldt, he would have dived into a vat of boiling hydrochloric acid before he would lie.

Now, he lies like he breathes.

I don't know what happened to him.  The left lauds his efforts, including the C3G2 hate group, because he lies about being a Republican while supporting their positions.   This formerly Christian man will have a great deal to answer for at some point in his future.

While he may win... it certainly won't be because God Ordained it THIS time... although I don't see how he could win in the face of the RINOs whining that the GOP "handed the election to the democrat."

To me, all that does is reinforce the idea that the man is unfit to hold any elective office.

That Boldt is treating me like Madore treated the C3G2 haters is the thing, you see.  When Madore would delete their comments as they attempted, over and over again, to trash him whipped the fringe-left mob up into a frenzy.  Their rank hypocrisy, combined with Boldt's efforts to manipulate ignorant Republicans into voting for him based on what he once was instead of what he's since become is the thing, you see.

I'm not even mad about it, and I'm fairly sure that at some point soon, Boldt will just block me outright, proving once again that his left-leaning position has nothing to do with "representing ALL of Clark County," when any part of it calls him out.

Marc Boldt is a liar.  And we are all worse off because of it.

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