Friday, September 04, 2015

Wow. Five RINO former GOP Chairs turn on the Party and go with democrat Boldt.

Yesterday, on facebook, I engaged with former GOP Chair Anne Donnelly on the issue of their political betrayal of the local GOP as they threw State Representative Liz Pike under the RINO bus and endorsed my brother-in-law democrat Marc Boldt for County Chair.

As I read her excuses... which justified nothing, I was struck by how politics never really change.  For Marc's part, people lie to support him.  They have what they believe to be some personal connection to him, when they don't even know him.

And as a result of all that, they ignore what he has become... and, of course, deliver a shot to the current GOP organization that they loath for personal reasons as if the ballot should go forward with no possibility of voting for a Republican at all.

I have determined that, on the issues, there's no real difference between Boldt and Dalesandro on the issues confronting us.  If elected, they both would screw the people of this county by continuing to vote for tax and fee increases as they have done while in local office, they both would try and get rid of the fee holiday, they both would strive to resurrect the CRC scam, and neither of them would ascribe to the smaller, more efficient, more effective government meme... and while one, Dalesandro, is endorsed by the democrat party, the other, titular-Republican-when-he-wants-to-be Boldt is endorsed by the even more fringe-left, Obama-worshipping Young Democrats.

One wonders.

How could ANY GOP Chair, past or present, EVER endorse anyone who sought out... and received... the endorsement of the neo-communist Young Democrats?

Donnelly told me that Dalesandro didn't have enough of a record TO compare the two.  And that is a flat out lie.

If Dalesandro never existed, Boldt's record of voting in lockstep with his democrat colleagues and ignoring the people of this county would be obvious to any who cared to look.

Yet, Dalesandro has literature... he has a web site.  He has a facebook page.  In fact, these 5 morons COULD have simply picked up the phone and asked him, directly, where he stood on the issues.

But they didn't do that.  And in Donnelley's case, I put it like this: if you people don't know... it's because you don't want to know.

Hatred can do strange things in politics.

Brent Boger, one of the RINO idiots who took this step, hated the GOP so much that he quit it... on more than one occasion.  But he made it clear that Boldt was his guy, and when you endorse someone, you own everything they've done, everything they are, and everything they will be in office.

Which is kind of like what happened when Boldt endorsed his buddy (And total CTran sell out) democrat former commissioner Steve Stuart, who sold us out on that idiotic TriMet bend-us-over-and-rape-us agreement.

I freely admit that these people have the right to endorse whoever and whatever they want.  But their endorsement of Boldt under these circumstances merely serves to illustrate how far to the left they moved the party when they ran it, and perhaps serves to explain some of the utterly miserable results they achieved.

So, lacking any factual reason to throw Pike under the bus, I have to consider the move to the more underhanded, not stated reasons: their personal dislike of the party apparatus now.

I freely admit that I have serious problems with the current GOP.  But starting in 2011, they began to get their act together and much of that began when they kicked Boldt out for voting like a democrat lackey.  I still think they do stupid things; that anyone, for example, says anything to anyone connected with that cancer on our society, the democratian, is sheer stupidity and incompetence.

That said, the RINO element of the party didn't take kindly to Marc actually being held accountable for ignoring what he had been elected to do,  And when he ran for re-election and picked up barely 30% of his own commissioner district as a result, that should have been a clue.... that the party was right and they were wrong.

But now, Marc has gone totally leftist: leftist support, leftist money,  leftist campaign management... and these former GOP chairs endorse him.

How pathetic.

The basis for their endorsement is primarily the disdain the RINOs hold the party in for moving to the right.

They hate that.  SO, their effort here is to trash Pike so that Boldt wins as a bit of payback.

Unfortunately, in his time out of office, instead of using that to reevaluate and become introspective, all that has happened is that Marc has become a completely petulant jerk.  He acts like a crybaby because he got his ass kicked last cycle, and fails to see where any of that is HIS fault, and those pushing him now are precisely like those who stroked him into doing their bidding and using him when he was in office... and then kicking him to the curb when he lost.

Those supporting him either don't know... or don't care... that he has become this kind of monster.

But then, nobody alive outside his immediate family knows him better than I do.  And what do I know?

It has been many, many years since these clowns ran the show.  And their lack of loyalty to the GOP cause?

Shines like a neon light.

I wonder what their 30 pieces of silver were?

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